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UFO: Alien Archontic Triangle Sighted Over Texas

A witness from Pflugerville, Texas reports sighting alien Archontic triangles above his house every night. He also talks about sighting similar alien triangle formation in Missouri. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 23 Aug, 2016.

The witness begins the report by telling us that he can see the same alien formation every night.

“I live in the Austin area. I watch this same formation above my house every night, clouds not withstanding.”

He provides a description of the objects involved in the triangular formation.

“The ‘point’ object tends to be the one to exhibit the pulsating activity (for lack of a better way to describe it) most often, however can be observed on the other two objects as well. The objects are bright white and seem to have a small red light on the top.”

He says that the UFOs appear to be outside of our atmosphere and then talks about their orbit.

“They also appear to me to be outside of our atmosphere. The formation I view from my house does not stay in geo-sync orbit, but it seems to make a shift as it moves with the earth's rotation. I have never actually witnessed any of the objects moving.”

The witness then talks about other objects that can be seen along with the alien triangle.

“There are at least two other such objects/craft that I see in the sky that don't appear to be part of a triangle formation...one of which ultimately seems to transform to a dull green light and move to a different location.”

He says that the objects are not visible during daytime.

“The objects are not visible in the daytime, become visible during late dusk and remain visible at dark. It is very hard to get decent pictures of this.”

The witness finally wonders if the sightings were fragments of his imagination.

“Has my imagination run away with me, or have I finally lost it for sure?”

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Alien triangle formations are sighted by people around the globe. They are an important subject of study in Ufology. Many alien researchers are of the opinion that such triangular flying objects are actually operated by the US Government in collaboration with regressive aliens. These aliens have provided the government with the knowledge to build such UFOs.