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Flying Star-Like Object Spotted In Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland

UFOs are always hard to explain especially to people who have never encountered or heard of such. It is even impossible to explain to the non-believers who will immediately prescribe a medication for you. Pictures at times never do anyone justice in such scenarios as you might as well have pulled the images from the internet.

As strange and inexplicable as it may be, a dozen witnesses can at times make you seem less mad especially if you all witness and describe the scenario in almost the same manner. But still UFOs are a hard subject to cover even with close family members.

A recent family day out turned bizarre when one of its members noticed something unusual in the sky. The family were out and about in Mt. Pearl in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada when the unsuspecting happened.

“The family was out driving around looking for moose when we stopped and I got out of the car for a smoke,” the reporting witness stated. ‍“I looked up at the big dipper and at the last star on the handle I watched what looked like another star appear out from behind and fly to the middle star of Orion’s belt and then disappear.”

The witness was not sure what it all meant and even tried to figure out what it could have been, to no avail. All he had was what he had witnessed.

“Not sure what it was but I know it was in space so no plane. I know it wasn’t a shooting star or comet or meteor because I have seen hundreds of them and know the look. I figure HSS to be UFO.”

The incident happened at 12.00 am on September 5, 2016 and a report was filed with MUFON the same day.

MUFON is still investigating on the matter.