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UFO: Red, Orange Glowing Orbs Spotted In Innisfil, Ontario

Another strange object has been reported to be flying in the skies of Innisfil, Ontario. The three objects which were described by their colors as red, red and orange were seen flying towards the northern skyline on September 4, 2016 at around 9 pm.

“My daughter and I were going outside to get something from the van when I noticed in the sky 3-4 red, red, orange objects coming from the southern skyline,” the reporting witness stated.

“They were heading in a northerly direction. We noticed three more coming over the houses in the north headed south again, moving quiet fast. We just followed with our heads as they seemed to disappear. The last one came from the north again over the same house and we again stared in awe as we were unaware of what it could have been. ”

The duo kept their eyes glued to the skies for more UFOs or some explanation of what they had seen but it was even harder to establish in real sense what they had seen at first sight. The objects were simply mysterious and were not close to anything that the duo had experienced in their lifetime.

“They made no noise like planes that usually fly low and the lights didn’t blink like those on planes. We thought it might be meteors but aren’t quite sure. They all headed in a straight line and never flickered. They faded into the night sky like their light was going out, very weird.”

The reporting witness also stated that he likes to watch the stars every time he goes outside at night but what he saw was strange.

A report was made with MUFON on September 4, 2016.

MUFON is still investigating as most UFOs can be man-made or as a result of climate change.