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Aliens and UFO: Three Burning Orange, Red Objects Spotted Flying in Woodstock, Ontario

A family movie night recently turned to a UFO watch night when a family member noticed some strange flying objects in the sky.

‍“My family and I were outside setting up an outdoor movie for the kids just after the sun had gone,” the reporting witness stated. “I was looking into the south, southwest sky just above the neighbourhood rooftops and saw a red burning light, without a tail.”

The object travelled fast across the sky from a south to north direction in the western sky.

“Initially I thought it was a meteor or a comet that had come into our atmosphere. There was no tail the speed was quiet fast, approximately 200km/hr. The red, orange light burned or sparkled bright until it went past us and then the light started to burn out.”

The light finally burned out and the witness was left watching a dark grey rectangular object flying in the north, northwest sky. Twenty minutes later the same thing happened again on the same sky spot. The size, the level of brightness as well as the traveling speed were all similar to the first one.

“This time round my husband who had my phone, caught it on video. We were all thinking it looked like or could be a Chinese lantern, but then figure that a lantern could not travel quickly and definitely not in such a straight and specific line or trajectory.”

The third time round was dumfounding for the whole family as they watched in awe and wonder as to what the objects could be and what it all meant.

“My husband thought that it may be an F18 fighter jet, with their afterburners on, but I believe we would have heard sound, which there was none, if a fighter jet was flying so low.”

The jet theory was discounted as the lights shone in front and not at the back of the object.

The whole experience was crazy for the whole family.

The incident took place on September 3, 2016 between 8.30-9 pm and was reported to MUFON the same day.

Investigations are still ongoing.