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Aliens and UFO: Bright White Light Spotted In McLeod Lake, British Columbia

A camp night out turned out to be a UFO watch spree when a family in British Columbia were out in Whiskers Point Campground at McLeod Lake.

“I was camping with my daughter and my parents, my wife had work the next day so she was not with us,” stated the witness. ‍

“We were sitting around the campfire I was facing west, my daughter south and my parents north. I suddenly saw a superb bright white light/orb shoot straight up from behind the mountain across the lake. ”

The reporting witness did not have enough time to take a picture as everything happened so fast that even the other family members did not notice.

“The size was comparable to a halogen headlight from about ½ km away. It was approximately 1.5 miles away. It did not rise above the mountain. It was in a valley between 2 high points of the mountain.  It sat there for about 2-3 seconds then shot straight back down again.”

Three minutes later his father saw the same light but in orange color. This was about 500 meters north. It behaved the same way as the first bright white one.

“We both agreed it was not a meteor, star, plane, helicopter or anything we had recognized as being anything we could explain.”

The next night the same thing happened but this time only his mother saw it. The same white flash of light was seen above the lake to the south.

“I asked her if it moved in any direction or had a tail or what its actions were. She said it was just a bright ball shape that flashed once and was gone. It was not ball lightning or anything we or I could explain. ”

A report was filed with MUFN on September 3, 2016.

Investigations are ongoing.


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