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Aliens and UFO: Several Blinks of Red and White Photographed in Silverwater, Ontario

Witnessing a strange flying, glowing or blinking object just when you thought the world was sane can be mind-blowing and exciting at the same time. It is always hard to imagine an encounter with a UFO even harder to know what it is or why it behaves the way it does when spotted.

Canada being a big hotspot for such beings, it is common to spot them but not everybody can have the guts to take pictures and not lose their mind over the whole scenario.

Recently an eye witness in Silverwater Ontario photographed several blinks of red and white which later looked like stationary ships.

“I was taking star photos with my camera then a flash of white light caught my left eye,” the witness stated. “I decide to ignore it as heavy aerial traffic from the airport several miles away.”

The witness continued with his photo session but it happened again, this time it was red and white.

“Then about a few seconds later a bright flash of white light along with a flash red light that was very intense caught my eye so I turned and saw a vehicle standing still with bright orange red light like a led strip on its side.”

This time round the witness took a picture and noticed 13 stationary ships within each one of them.

“I lightened it in Photoshop to see more detail of the other ships and saved several images in PNG to Share with people.”

The witness was shocked and immediately sent some pictures to his subscribers on YouTube. However, he was disappointed with the zero response he got and decided to make a YouTube video of what he had seen that evening.

The incident took place in August 15, 2016 at around 12.00 am. A report of the same was made on August 30, 2016.

MUFON is still investigating.



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