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UFO: Oval Craft Spotted Flying below the Clouds in Toronto, Ontario

Two friends recently sighted a flying object in their backyard at around 12.00 am on 28 August 2016. The incident occurred over Newmarket, north of Toronto, Canada. The reporting witness and his companion were both facing east.

“Traveling from North to South across the eastern sky at a speed that was like a shooting star was a craft that was oval in appearance, seemingly wide like a plane at a height approximating what a commercial jet would be, flying overhead,” the reporting witness stated.

The object sped southwards passing slightly above the trees. The duo were both shocked and even wondered if it was a meteorite but its characteristics ruled their theory out.

“It was oval as if it might have wings but they were not perceptible wings. It was more like an energy pulse extending to each side like wings. It appeared as quickly pulsating, oscillation with long, oval arch to each side. The rapid pulsing to each side of its center was extremely fast. ”

Thirty minutes later they saw the same phenomenon in the same exact line of vision but this time round it was traveling from South to North. The witness also noted that it was moving at half the speed of the original sighting.

“At that speed, it was speeding much faster than a jet fighter would across the sky. There was no sound at all. Again there was an electric, energetic feel to the energy filling the air, possibly our own excitement from what we saw. ”

The next morning the reporting witness took other pictures of the sky spot where they had witnessed the object, so as to get a perspective of what they had seen but instead he caught another bright spot above the sun. The morning picture revealed two objects.

“Day time photos aside, the Sunday night sighting was dramatically exciting. I have never really heard of craft described quite like what we saw. ”

A report was made with MUFON on August 30, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing.