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UFO Spotted in Hamilton, Ontario

A recent UFO case in Hamilton, Ontario has left many shocked after a resident made a report, with MUFON on September 8, 2016, on sighting something like a plane with no blinking lights on.

The witness who was out enjoying a cool night sky was caught off guard by the bizarre object which hovered for some time repetitively before disappearing slowly.

“I thought it was just another plane coming into view from the southeast,” the witness stated.

“I had my binoculars out and took a look and didn’t see any blinking lights on the vehicle, thinking that I had the wrong angle to see them I kept my eye on the object. That is when it slowed down to a crawl and headed north before stopping.”

The object’s first stop in the sky was for about 15 minutes in which it dimmed and blazed some white light within a 10 second interval. After which it headed towards the northeast behaving in the same manner until it finally disappeared from the witness’s view.

“I should mention that as it traveled northeast the dimming pattern continued. There were no normal flashing lights on this object at any time that I observed it.  This is not the first time that I have seen curious and questionable objects in this neck of the woods.”

The witness tried to film the object but his digital camcorder was not sensitive enough to capture the image. The incident happened on September 4, 2016 at around 9.30 pm.

Investigations are still ongoing as most UFO sightings can be explained beyond what they seem like at first sight. So far no one has corroborated what he reported but residents are on the lookout. It has been an interesting moment for most people to even hear of the testimony. Canada is best known for weird UFO sightings but the more the encounters the better the stories.


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