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Round Glowing Orb Photographed Over Hammond, Ontario

A hunter in Hammond recently made a report with MUFON when he caught some UFOs images in the bush. One might wonder how, but being a skilled hunter requires some upgrading when it comes to studying and setting traps for your prey. The hunter usually sets a camera on the edge of a bush behind his house just to ease his hunting schedule and timing.

“I put a camera along on the edge of a bush along a corn field behind my house,” the hunter stated.

“There are pictures of raccoon then this white round orb, glowing. I can tell by the pictures that this thing is spinning because there are dark areas on it so the patterns would change.”

The reporting witness said that he often left the cameras in the bush for a week before checking them.

“The date on my camera is wrong as I never bothered to change it. I refreshed the SD card last Sunday and checked it today. I have been hunting for years and have never seen anything like this, so if someone says it is a weather balloon, please send him to see me. ”

The witness failed to identify what the object could have been and described it as strange and out of this world.

“What I find strange is that although this thing is quite bright, it does not seem to light up its surroundings or frighten the raccoons 10 feet away mind you with older raccoons, you can shine a flashlight right at it and that won’t disrupt its schedule. ”

The incident is reported to have taken place on September 7, 2016 at around 3.30 am.

A report was made with MUFON on September 11, 2016.

MUFON is still investigating.



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