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UFO: Two Objects Observed Moving In Markdale, Ontario

An eye witness in Markdale, Ontario has recently reported sighting some two strange objects in the sky on September 15, 2016 at around 8.30 pm. The witness made a report with MUFON the same day so as to get some answers as to what they could have been.

The witness who was and is still shaken about the whole scenario could not make out what the two objects were or what they meant.

The objects which travelled in different directions behaved differently as they glowed and blinked at different points of their passing.

“I was walking my dog. I did not know what the second object was at first then I noticed the first object and it freaked me out,” the witness stated. “I turned my attention to the second object that seemed to fall from the sky and blinked out, like a falling star but larger.”

The first object which was travelling at a high speed went beyond the tree line and eventually out of sight. The second just blinked out after which the witness got scared, ran to the house and locked the doors.

“When the second craft blinked out I felt very uneasy and went inside and locked my door. The first craft seemed to be followed by an aircraft coming from the south west going north east at a high rate of speed. ”

“I gotta tell yah, I am really freaked out right now,” the witness added.

There have been no other sightings with the same description in the region but residents are on the lookout.

MUFON is still investigating on the matter and nothing has been ruled out yet as most unidentifiable flying objects can be simply explained as a result of weather or some man-made feature.



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