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UFO: Three Lights with Triangular Outline Spotted Moving In Calgary, Alberta

A witness in Calgary, Alberta recently spotted some triangular lights in the sky. The objects did not make any noise in the still night and only caught the witness’s attention as they flew past a plane.

The witness who was outside watching the stars with his cat caught the streak of light just past a plane that was heading west. A second later he saw two more and his interest on them was peeked.

“At first I thought it was just another satellite going by and did not think much of it until I noticed two more lights following the first,” the witness stated.

“As I watch the three lights heading east I start to make out a dark shape or edge that looks curiously like a triangle.”

There was no time to record as the witness pondered on whether to run for his bad night vision phone or just use his eyes as witness. He watched the object until it started to change direction to the north in a 90 degrees angle. The object continued in that manner until it disappeared behind a tree on a hill.

A few seconds later the witness saw other flying objects in the sky, which he identified as birds.

“At this point that reassures me that the first thing I saw was not birds but raises more questions about what it was,” the witness added.

Three to eight minutes later another triangle shaped object appears and it has three lights as well, same as the first sighting.

“This object with lights is heading west towards the mountains I’m able to follow it with my eyes for a few seconds till it goes out of view into the darkness of the sky, almost like it vanished.”

The witness was excited and overwhelmed with emotions for having witnessed the sightings.

The incident took place on September 14, 2016 at around 10.50 pm. A report was filed with MUFON the next day September 15, 2016.

Investigations are ongoing.