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UFO: Two Strange Objects Spotted Moving In Stoney Creek, Ontario

An eye witness in Stoney Creek, Ontario recently spotted two bright orange lights in the sky as he took a smoke from his balcony. The incident is reported to have taken place at around 9.50 pm on September 5, 2016.

“I was standing on my upstairs balcony to have a smoke and that is when I saw two bright orange lights coming from East directly towards me about half a mile apart in a single file formation,” the witness stated.

The witness was puzzled as he had never seen anything like that in the sky but he kept on looking for a sign that could help him identify them properly.

“The objects were moving slowly towards my direction before they both turned left to the south over the escarpment picking up speed and high altitude. All of a sudden the orb shaped craft fizzled out to nothing.”

The witness did not notice any characteristics of planes and helicopter or satellites that he has witnessed in the sky. It did not even look like anything else he has encountered flying in the sky.

“I purposely looked at both crafts to see that it did not have the standard red and green lights on either side of the craft to determine natural direction that all planes and helicopters must have on vehicle.”

The reporting witness is still in shock to date as he has not gotten any answers to what he saw that night.

He made a report with MUFON on September 14, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing as most flying objects in the sky may seem bizarre and weird at first but with more examination and information, they can simply be explained as a result of weather change or some man-made feature.



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