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UFO: Reflective Triangular Object Spotted In Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia

A passenger in Upper Tantallon recently reported sighting a large pyramid-shaped object in the sky while driving on Highway 103 NS.

“It was about 7.10 pm Atlantic time and I was in a vehicle heading into Upper Tantallon coming from Halifax, roughly 4 minutes before the exit onto Hammond’s Plains Rd.,” the reporting witness stated.

“The pyramid-shaped object was stationary in the sky directly in front of us and a smidge to the right of center through the windshield, above the horizon, but not up in the clouds. It appeared distant but quite large and more reflective of the sun than anything I have ever seen before.”

Even the driver of the vehicle could not figure out what the object was as it remained stationary in the sky even as they drove towards it. The reporting witness joked about it being a UFO as they got closer and closer to it. But they still found difficulty in identifying the object.

“I might be a bit off with the shape description as it reflected the light to the point where the edges were obscured. It quickly receded into the distance, directly opposite of where we were and was half the size it first was within a second, and then completely vanished within one more. ”

The object literally sped off or shrank to nothing as it never appeared to travel laterally from the position it was being seen.

“The driver and I cannot explain what we witnessed or identify it as any of the other objects one would expect to see in the sky. This was not a plane or balloon not a drone or anything else I know of. ”

The incident occurred on September 12, 2016 and a report was made to MUFON the same day.

Investigations are ongoing.


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