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UFO: Pointed Symmetrical Disc Emitting Lights and Flashes Spotted In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

A former MUFON Canada field investigator and a current technical analyst consultant of MUFON Michigan recently made a submission of two sightings that he witnessed in Ontario. The witness who has never submitted any sightings with MUFON was excited and at the same time thrilled to have seen the objects on two separate occasions.

“The first sighting was on Sunday September 11, 2016 at 10pm EST. The most current sighting is 10.15 pm Thursday September 15, 2016. The observed duration was approximately the same for both events at just less than 30 minutes. The object was a Saturn-like orb.”

The object which was stationary in the sky seemed to change position in precise movements and hover for several minutes. It appeared to be a perfectly symmetrical sphere that tapered into defined points at the equator of two sides, emitting a steady white light with intensity comparable to common LED aircraft lights observed at 30000ft.

“At times this white light did appear to cast shadow and provide some glimpse of a solid structure to the orb. It also emitted a circular halo of exterior red lights arranged in a precise array.”

“It is my estimation that the object was yawing slowly about the Y axis while hovering and emitting a repeated sequence of red flashes, approximately 5-7 blinks per second with intermittent pauses lasting up to 2 seconds in duration.”

The witness also observed two commercial flights which were close to the orb on standard flight paths. But as they got closer to the orb, it moved several degrees and started to emit steady red and white light before going dark. It also flashed a new sequence of severely intense red light when the interception aircraft.

“As a working analogy I compare it to the flashing lights on a modem or router. Very fast, repeated sequence, random at times, but gave the sense of repetition. ”

He made a report to MUFON on September 16, 2016.

Investigations are ongoing.



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