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UFO: Strange Lights Seen At Sundown in Edmonton, Alberta

A group of couples recently spotted a white bright light at a dog park in Edmonton, Alberta. The shocking incident took place on September 15, 2016 at around 8.30 pm.

“At about 8.30 pm, my partner and I were at the dog park with another couple watching our dogs play together,” the reporting witness stated.

“The sun was already set, completely clear sky, no stars or anything else in sight. A bright white flash of light caught my eye it looked like a single search light or high beam. ”

It did not take long for the light to start fading away slowly, as if something was shutting it off. The couples were amazed and kept their eyes open for any other bizarre happenings in the sky.

It did not take long before other colored lights came into view immediately the white light dimmed.

“After the white light dimmed, 3 smaller, dimmer green lights in a triangle formation became visible. The craft completely disappeared into the atmosphere. ”

The couples were shocked and tried to imagine and deduce anything that could help describe what they had seen but to no avail. The UFO was beyond identifiable. It was not even close to an airplane.

“There were absolutely no clouds in the sky, airplanes usually do not disappear like this thing did. The whole sighting lasted no more than 5-8 seconds, lady from the other couple we were standing with saw it as well. Wow!”

There was no other report related to the witness’s description in the area. Residents have been on the lookout since then as such sightings rarely happen.

MUFON is investigating as most UFO sightings can be anything man-made or as a result of weather conditions.

A report was filed with MUFON on September 16, 2016.