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Manipulative Aliens Pursue Abduction and Human Cloning Agenda

Investigator Karla Turner, Ph. D. was one of the most celebrated alien abduction detectives in the US. Best known for her three books on alien abduction, she was once a college instructor with a doctorate in Old English Studies but life happened and she took another turn with it.

She was convinced that aliens were not here to help us but to steal something valuable. In her books Into the Fringe (1992), Taken (1994), and Masquerade of Angels (1994) she takes a look at various alien abductions some personal while others researched.

She was involved in alien abduction work for 8 years before succumbing to breast cancer on January 9, 1996. All her life and work as an alien investigator she had come to term them as cruel and deceitful, nothing good could come out of their invasion in human life. She was certain that all they wanted was to steal our souls.

In Into the Fringe she recounted a very personal experience that was not only close to her and her family but something that she herself had experienced. Her family was able to recall some alien abductions dating back to their childhood days, all of which were very disturbing. They first became aware of the experience in 1988, about the same time she started investigating them.

She also told the stories of other abductees who had read her first book Into the Fringe and recounted similar events which were also unbelievable true and disturbing. In Taken she looked into the abduction of eight females who were completely overpowered and controlled by the aliens.

She also wrote Masquerade of Angels in 1994, a biography of Louisiana psychic Ted Rice, who used to channel benevolent entities to the point of becoming aware of his own alien abduction experience. His conclusion was that they were remorseless predators.

“If the terrors of the abduction experience made us grow stronger, it was not because the aliens wanted us to have this strength but because we willed it ourselves,” concluded Turner.