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Alien Abduction Caught On Tape

There are often many letters and reports made and sent every day to alien abduction investigators all over the world but only a few of them come with a videotape intact.

A relarively recent case with Paranormal Borderline shows a letter that describes how a worker was allegedly kidnapped by aliens, only to return 2 hours later. The worker is reported to have quit his job and moved away after the incident [video above].

The letter which was accompanied by a videotape from a surveillance camera allegedly shows how the worker disappeared and reappeared. The victim who walks through a gate disappears in a flash of light only to reappear in a fetal position, crouching and vomiting. The video also shows how he staggers for a few second before going out of frame.

Yvonne Smith a hypnotherapist and UFO researcher who counsels abductees said that the stories her patients say were similar to that of the details in the tape, especially the victim’s disorientation.

“I work with many people that suffer from posttraumatic disorder something happened to them, extremely happened to them that they don’t maybe quite remember but they know they became ill, they know that they came back and it was one O’clock in the morning,” she states.

Abductees have often claimed they had been rendered immobile and transported to a craft, confronted by alien creatures and taken to an operating room were the real terrors began.

“There is a variety of experiment or examinations that take place during the course of abduction. If during the course of what is happening to them, if they are being given medication it is no wonder these people are ill,” she adds.

Though little can be drawn from the footage, a hypnosis and interview with the victim can shed more light on the incident and possibly provide a big breakthrough in the abduction phenomena. So far nothing real can be concluded without further investigation.



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