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Aliens Linked To Sheep Incident in British Field

Among the several unexplained incidences that occur occasionally in our world, one notable one was the disappearance of 1,500 sheep from a field at Stenigot, near Louth, Lincolnshire without a trace of how it happened. The incident took place on a night in 2011 and with all the efforts put in, no clue could be found as to how 1,500 grazing sheep disappeared into thin air!

Well in the files you couldn’t find the answer, but one man knew it all. Documentary movie maker Dot Luter, in his recorded video uploaded on YouTube showed an unidentified triangular object flying over the skies of Lincolnshire and then instantly disappearing into thin air.

Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO sightings have been a common occurrence in the sparsely populated area, with more than half a dozen witnesses defining their individual experiences.

One resident of the area living in Brinkhill, a few miles away from Louth says he has witnessed about 100 sightings at different times and places in the neighborhood of the “Black Triangle”. The witness defines these flying objects as having yellow, orange and white ball like lights that are first visible of the object.  He also testified that on the night of the missing sheep incident, he saw the Black Triangle circle the field a few times, with its lights shining brightly. At first, it was only the lights going round that can be seen, but as the object lowered, the “Black triangle” was easily visible.

Another testimony came from a local taxi driver Morag Taylor who presented evidence saying “I’ve seen the black triangle hundreds of time and up to 40 in one night”. She further explains the flying object as being about 30ft long on all three sides and they travel at an astonishing speed of thousands of miles per hour. 

Another peculiar activity defined of these UFOs, explained by several witnesses is their movement. Another witness claimed of sighting a spherical object in the sky somewhere on the route from Skegness to Louth, explained similar ball-shaped yellow, white and orange lights, lowering down from very high above to the grounds on a tremendous speed. Like many other witnesses, the car driver also explained that the flying object lowered down, moved in circles, or looped around an area without any noise and instantly rose up and disappeared.

More than hundreds of sightings within an area barely populated, the mysterious disappearance of not one or two but 1,500 sheep overnight, without even a trace of who did it and how, calls out for a different explanation of events.

Can all these people be mistaken?

Can 1,500 sheep disappear without a trace?

Can the description of so many people about the flying object with such striking resemblances be a coincidence?

Have the extra terrestrial activities that have started to show their presence to us indicated a changing world ahead?

Well, only time will prove, but the signs are getting more obvious every passing day!