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Siren, Wisconsin Resident Reports Alien Home Invasion - Ape-Like Being in Silver Suit

In the following MUFON report a Wisconsin resident reports that he was sodomized by an ape-like being in a space suit on 10 October  2016 at around 10 pm. 

When is humanity going to collectively acknowledge that humanity is being visited by aliens and that many incidents of such direct and indirect contact have breached our collective human sovereignty?

MUFON -- It was early in the evening and I was at Tom's Bar in Siren, WI. I stepped outside to get some fresh air when I saw the object. I have seen UFO's before so I investigated. I was then approached by an ape like being who was wearing a silver suit. He grabbed me and the next thing I remembered was waking up in my truck and my anus hurt. I can't even tell my girlfriend about this.