UFO Hit by Air Missile, Crashes to Surface in Saudi Arabia

An alien ship became the target of Houthi rebels firing, who fired an air missile on what they considered at first to be a flying object from afar.

In the evening of 19th October  2016, a loud explosion sound was heard, after which a large object was witnessed falling down from the sky on to the East region of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. As the object fell, green flashes swept out of the bluish green contraption, being termed as being an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Before it was fired the UFO was seen to be hovering in the sky continuously changing direction, until it finally took a course towards the south, to the Yemeni desert. As the UFO neared, a rebel-fired a 9K32 Strela-2 missile on it, which in contrast to popular belief, it could not or did not resist in anyway, resulting in getting shot and flying down instantly in only a shot.

The UFO looked nothing like a meteor and a 40-year-old witness “Khalid” claimed he was surprised to see it fall as he had seen nothing as such ever before. The UFO crash site was immediately confirmed by a Saudi helicopter which took aerial photographs of the crash site and details of locations.  It crashed on Saudi soil, near Yemen border, 220 miles to the north of the desert and on the slight east side of Al Mukalla. The explosion was also heard in Kuwait, with slight tremors being felt as the UFO crashed.

The site has been sealed by the Saudi government.

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