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Bizarre UFOs Spotted Over The Great Pyramids

A fascinating video has emerged in YouTube of bizarre objects over the Great Pyramids of Egypt. This information has been obtained from an article published by the Express, UK.  The footage, uploaded to YouTube by the channel Section 51 2, shows a crowd of tourists looking towards the wonder of the ancient world, while three bizarre triangular objects hover above.

The fascinating thing about the video is that the objects can be clearly seen in the video and even they appear to be pyramid shaped. It even shows close ups of the upside down pyramids, looking up from the base of the pyramids, as they appear to hover and rotate above three of the relics.

The report published by Express tells us when the objects were filmed.

"Section 51 2 includes no real details about the alleged sighting, but says in subtitles on the video that it was filmed in April 2016, and the UFOs were present for four hours."

It then says that an article accompanying the video does not talk about this sighting.

"An article accompanying the video on the Section 51 2 website makes no further reference to the alleged sighting in the video.

Instead, it talks about alleged ancient document called the Tulli Papyrus.

"It instead discusses the Tulli Papyrus, which is an alleged ancient document which suggests that flying saucers, described as "circles of fire", appeared over the pyramids in around 1500 BC."

The report then tells us that the article accompanying the video also talks about the Ancient Alien Theory.

"It also points to an "ancient astronauts" conspiracy theory which claims that the pyramids were built by our ancestors with the help of an advanced race of aliens that visited Earth thousands of years ago."

It further says that the video is likely a clever hoax made with CGI and points out that the video must have been highlighted by mainstream media if it was real.

"However, it is likely the video is a clever hoax made using CGI technology. Critics have pointed out if this actually happened it would likely have made world TV news and not been consigned to one website."


The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Do you think the video is real? Is it possible that pyramid-shaped flying objects are used by aliens for faster interstellar travel?


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