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Alien Sightings Soar in Countryside Say Author - Linked to Take Over Agenda and Mind Control

An author, Angellica Goodson-Lord, warns that there is an alien Archontic conspiracy to take over our planet.  She provides an explanation of why are governments are lying to us about their knowledge of alien beings.

" WARNING!  WARNING!  WARNING!  People are all asking 'why is our government lying to us about what they know about aliens?' The simple answer is that those who run our governments are corrupt; they are the archons  known in ancient times as the SERPENT and REPTILIAN bloodlines.  They split into three different groups."

She then talks about the intent of the Archons and how they plan to take over our planet through mind control and other tactics.

" The archons preside over control of Government, Corporation and Bank Control; the CHURCH and the Monarchy. All with the intent to CONTROL THE WORLD AND FORM A NEW WORLD ORDER."

She further says that the alien archontic beings have been using  ASM hybrids to control humanity since thousands of years.

"That's not all, the ASM's are being mind gamed by aliens who are and have been using their ASM hybrids to create an ALIEN INVASION and TAKE OVER for them over the last hundred even thousands of years since before the last Ice Age period which caused the Biblical Flood of Noah as the Ice Sheet melted."

Angellica then tells us about what we will discover if we look at ancient symbolisms, myths, legends etc.

"If you look at all the ancient symbolisms, myths, legends, archeology, geology you will discover that these "Alien/angels of the gods" have been the ones who are Directing the Storms which is a quote George W. Bush made in one of his speeches."

She talks about the legend related to the Illuminati eye symbol and its link to alien control.

 "Look at the EYE (cap stone) on top of the Illuminati, Bilderberg etc., pyramid, that is not connected to the rest of the pyramid.  Legends tell us that when this CAP STONE sits back down on the pyramid that all of mankind will be CONTROLLED BY ALIENS."

She talks about what the different sections of the Illuminati pyramid represents. She also talks about the common thread that binds these different sections.

"The sections of the pyramid represent these evil global organizations, corporations, banks, government agencies AND THE LIST GOES ON of those powerful groups who rule our world today.  What they all have in common is that they are all being SECRETLY CONTROLLED BY ALIENS who have been slowly setting up an alien takeover of our planet."

Angellica then discloses information about one of the alien Archontic agendas called AGENDA 21 or AGENDA 2030.

"One of their agenda's is AGENDA 21 or AGENDA 2030.  These evil human alien hybrid Global Elite intend to force us all out of the country, the lakes and rivers.  They want us to move out of our country homes and farms etc., into the cities so they can have the country side for their nefarious activities."

She then says that there has been a recent increase in sightings of Bigfoot, Dogman and other similar paranormal beings.

"Recently many more Bigfoot, Dogman, Goatman, Reptilian bipedals etc., have been placed in the countryside.  People living in the country are all of a sudden having to deal with Bigfoot, Dogman, Goatman, Reptilians etc., in large numbers, who are frightening them, raiding their properties and killing their livestock."

She further says that reports of these sightings are becoming epidemic and that these sightings help in clearing out the country side for the aliens.

"So many reports of them have been made recently that the incidents are becoming epidemic in proportion.  WHAT BETTER WAY TO CLEAR OUT THE COUNTRY SIDE THAN TO HAVE AN ALL OUT ATTACK BY ALIEN HUMAN HYBIRD CHIMERA whose stealthy bodies are obviously under the control of aliens."

The author then asks if these paranormal beings act as as a police force for the global elites controlled by Archons.

"Are Bigfoot, Dogman, Goatman, Reptilians the police force for the Global Elite who are behind the TAKE OVER of Agenda 21 and 2030. Bible Prophecy states that 2/3 of the people will be killed by the BEASTS OF THE FIELD."

Finally, she tells us that such alien-linked events resulting in the recreation of our planet have taken place in the past as well.

"IT IS A SET UP AND IT HAS HAPPENED ON EARTH BEFORE if you look at the ancient legends of Hyperborea, Atlantis and other cultures who speak about the antediluvian ages.  Even the first chapters of Genesis and other Bible verses speak about the recreation of the earth after it BECAME NULL AND VOID."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Angellica Goodson-Lord's book can be found here.

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