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Alien Abductee From Connecticut Reports Multiple Abductions

A resident of Connecticut claims being abducted by aliens multiple times by the age of 6. He even claims to have built a rapport with the alien entities. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 3 June, 2017.

The witness begins the report by describing his first alien abduction and says that he was sleeping at night when a tall being along with another being knocked on his door.

"The first time I remember was sleeping at night and woke up to a knock on my bedroom door. Somehow, I knew it wasn't my parents but a very tall person, along with another that was the same size as me."

He says that he was not scared and did as they wanted even though he had never seen hem before.

"I had this mental image as I walked to open my door. I saw exactly what I was imaging and was not scared at all. I never had seen these people before, but I did as they wanted."

He then says that the alien beings spoke to him telepathically and he followed them to a closet.

"No one spoke, but I could hear them talk to me in my head. I followed them to the hall closet. There was an access panel to the attic."

The witness then describes how he and the small alien entity went through the roof as the aliens demonstrated their ability to manipulate matter.

"I said I could not climb up. the tall man said, 'just try' it was as I floated up in the air and easily went through the hole. I was so excited, it was fun. then the small person went through the roof like it wasn't even there."

He then talks about getting scared as he went through the roof and that the small alien being was badly hurt.

"As I started to go through, I got really scared and grabbed the ground wire that ran across the house. The wire broke and I fell back into the house. something bad happened to the small man. I didn't realize that he was badly hurt."

The witness says that he still went through the roof after being reassured by the tall being and describes the experience as swimming through water.

"I found out later it was the ground wire that caused a problem. the tall man reassured me and I went through the roof. it was like swimming through water."

He further tells us that they started going straight up as the tall being pushed some lights and then he felt scared as they went up high.

"There was lights that I could see on this sleeve. red, green, blue, they were flashing. The tall man pushed the lights and we suddenly started going straight up. we got so high up that I was scared to death."

He says that he held on to the tall being's legs, who made him feel safe like a father.

" I grabbed and held tightly on to the tall man's leg just liked a son does to his dad's. he did not say a word and let me hold on to him. he knew how scared I was. I started to feel safe with him."

The witness then says that the incident occurred either in 1965 or 1966 and it made him realize that he was abducted many other times as well.

"This was 1965, maybe 1966.That was what triggered my recall of events that had been suppressed in my sub-conscious for all most 50 years. I have many bits of memory of things that happened. That's when I realized I had been taken many times before and after."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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