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Shape-shifting Alien Craft Observed in California

A resident of California has reported sighting a shape-shifting alien craft in Gardenia, California on 5 June, 2017. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 5 June, 2017.

The witness first tells us that he enjoys looking at the sky and has seen many UFOs in his life.

"I was walking northbound from my parked truck to enter the building I work in. I have always kept my eyes on the sky, even as a child. I have seen many unidentifiable craft in my days and my grandfather worked for Boeing and Rockwell."

He says that at first he thought of the alien entity as a helicopter or balloon.

"At first glance I thought that the object was a hovering helicopter, a bunch of balloons, or possibly a drone of some sort. The lack of noise or lights made me discredit the possibility of this object being a helicopter or drone."

He talks about the object moving at a steady pace and describes its direction.

"I noticed it was moving I also noticed it was doing so at a steady pace. It was traveling north east slightly (more north direction than east and I observed it slowly adjust its path and change direction from north east to north west."

The witness then describes how the alien entity tried to shape-shift and also tells us that its overall shape was uniform.

"It appeared to be attempting to morph. Despite the surface of this craft moving around in a very unstable and liquid type motion it’s velocity and trajectory were stable. It was almost like a cloud of heavy metallic black liquid but it’s overall shape remained relatively uniform."

He then provides a brief description of why it was hard to focus on the alien entity/object.

"The nature of this object made it very hard to focus my vision on despite the fact that the craft was dark black and the grey clouds and sunrise made the sky very contrasted against the colour of the craft."

He says that the alien entity continued to shape-shift and looked like a boomerang type craft.

"Shortly after it changed direction (north east) it began to shift it’s shape more noticeably and it went from a big morphing liquid blob to an elongated and very small boomerang type black craft that was no longer morphing."

The witness then says that the alien object became solid after a point and then began to shrink very fast.

"It seemed to become completely solid at that point. Once again with no lights or sounds. Almost immediately after it shape shifted, It began to shrink in size at a extremely impressive rate."

He talks about his reaction to the sighting and also tells us that the object shrank in size till it disappeared.

"I felt shocked and scared and for once I felt terrified instead of intrigued or awestruck. It shrank in size until it was gone."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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