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Aliens Abduct Father and Son from California

A father and his son from California have reported being abducted by aliens back in 2000. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 27 June, 2017.

The witness says that his father is getting older and sp he feels compelled to share their story. He then describes sighting a UFO on the Pacific Coast Hwy.

"We are in San Fran we went to a Giants game. On the way home my father notices a UFO high to the left of the car on Pacific Coast Hwy."

He says that the UFO came down to their right down a small embankment and also describes the size of the UFO.

"A minute later it comes down to our right down a small embankment. It's huge the size of a football field with multi-color lights. My father pulls over."

The witness says that something was making him and his father fall asleep and then describes the alien beings that abducted them.

"Immediately something is making us fall asleep. My father is unconscious within 1 minute. These giant plates drop on each is 3 very small figures, they are so small they don't have knee caps. 3 plates drop and then these things are hauling towards our car. They were so little."

He then talks about waking up inside an alien carft.

"I wake up in what kinda resembles a UFC octagon with no fence. There is a sign in middle shaped like a stop sign but written in a different language."

He says that a grey alien was observing him and that it was scary.

"There I notice to the right a grey alien observing me, I just woke up. I think I gotta kill this thing, and it's very scary."

The witness further says that he found himself in a room with bug-like beings.

"Next thing I know I'm in a room with these ugly bug like people. They force me into a dental like chair, very similar."

He then says that he and his father was asked to face each other and show respect to the alien being claiming to be 'GOD'.



This is 1st point during abduction I see my father. He tells me and him to face each other and "show some respect, God is coming out" I said your God? He says 'my God, your God, everyone's God'."

He then describes their encounter with the god-like Annunaki being.

"An Annunaki with a solid gold Santa Claus style hat with a solid gold robe and a solid gold staff is in front of us. The room somehow changes. At 1st we can't make out what he says it's too static. Eventually we hear him very clear."

He says that the alien being introduces himself as God and asks the witness if he was disappointed.

"The Annunaki comes to me. I said "are you really God?" He says "Yes are you disappointed? I say 'No'."

The witness finally tells us that he cannot recall anything more publicly about the incident that took place 17 years ago.

"This is all I can reveal publicly, not much more to tell. This happened 17 years ago. I live as a average Joe. I been to space abducted by a Annunaki."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.


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