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High speed red-blue flashing UFO seen in Airdrie, Alberta

A high speed red-blue flashing UFO was seen flying over Airdrie, Alberta on 16 July, 2017 at midnight. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 17 July, 2017.

The witness begins the report by telling us what he doing at the time of the sighting.

"At midnight looking north a friend and I were enjoying a campfire."

He says that he and his friend saw the UFO flying across the horizon and then talks about its direction.

"We saw a UFO flying straight across the horizon heading west."

He also says that the alien object was flashing lights at a speed more than four times than that of a F14 fighter jet.

"It was moving with random red and blue flashing lights at a high rate of speed approximately four times the speed of a f14 fighter jet."

He tells us a pilot who also witnessed the UFO described how fast it was flying.

"Its speed was described by a pilot who was also a witness."

The witness further says that the UFO changed direction but did not slow down.

"Then it changed direction in the opposite direction without slowing down."

He then says that the g forces were too great to have any human to survive and also tells us how the alien object disappeared.

The g forces were too great to have any human to survive and then disappeared as if it bolted off into the distance."

The witness goes onto explain that it was nothing known to man, not a drone, not an aircraft and that it was of an unknown size.

"Nothing known to man, not a drone, not an aircraft. unknown size or distance but at least larger than a blimp."

He finally tells us that the area is a fly zone to an airport and so a lot of activities involving aircrafts take place there.

"Area is a fly zone to an airport, so a lot of action with aircraft has been seen and is not the UFO in question."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

It is very common for people in North America to see such blinking lights of an otherworldly origin in the sky. Some researchers say that these lights are actually drones controlled by the aliens and are used to spy on humans.

Have you ever seen UFOs with blinking lights?

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