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Alien orb photographed during sunset in St. Eustache, Quebec

A resident of St. Eustache, Quebec photographed an alien orb while taking photos of sunset on 24  July, 2017. This information has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), submitted on 31 July, 2017.

The witness begins the report by telling us how he spotted a pink light when he was looking at pictures of sunset he had taken. He also talks about the place and time of the incident.

“While reviewing pictures of sunset- the sun had a band of pink light that caught my attention- taken on July 24 while returning home from a trip to Montreal, today while reviewing my photos, ( July 31,2017).”

He says that he noticed an alien orb inside the pink light.

“I noticed inside the pink light there was an orb.”

He then tells us what he could see when he was checking other photos and explains that the orb still had a halo around it. He also says that the orb seemed to have moved from its place as seen in the successive photos.

“When checking subsequent photos the orb still with a pink halo, had moved to a different place in relation to the sun in 5 successive photos.”

The witness further says that the pictures were taken with a cell phone within a short duration.

“The pictures were taken rapidly with a cell phone, perhaps 10 seconds apart along route 148.”

He tells us that this is not the first UFO sighting in that area and talks about a sighting that took place in November 2014. He provides a brief description of the incident when he saw an object slowly across the highway along the tree line.

“This is not the first unusual sighting I have had in this area. In Nov of 2014, I had a night sighting of an object which lifted up from one side of the road (farm fields) and moved slowly across the highway along the tree line to the other side.”

He finally provides a brief description of how the alien object moved away from his car and disappeared towards Mirabel Airport.

“When I turned off the highway down the side road to see what it was- the hovering object ( no sound) must have sensed it was spotted and moved away from my car and off to the distance and disappeared towards Mirabel Airport.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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