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UFO: Black Archontic Light Hovers Over Blackstock, ON

A resident of Blackstock, Ontario has reported sighting an Archontic alien light on hwy 57 on 5 Oct, 2017 at 11:10 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 8 October, 2017.

The witness begins the report by describing what he was doping at the time of the sighting.

"I was riding my motorcycle South on hwy 57 from BlackStock towards Bowmanville about 10 miles due north of Darlington nuclear power plant."

He talks about sighting the alien light when he noticed a car pulled over at the 9th concession. He says that the hovering over hydro towers and also tells us how it maneuvered.

"I noticed a car pulled over at the 9th concession then I noticed a red light hovering over hydro towers then flying and stopping and hovering again."

The witness then tells us that he pulled out his camera to take pictures of the alien light and says that he always carries his camera as he had sighted many UFOs since June this year.

"I pulled out my camera which I always carry now since I been having so many sightings since June 24/17

He talks about the position of the alien crafts.

"These crafts were only maybe 50 ft off the ground within a mile of me."

He further explains why he had to use screenshots to upload the images of the alien crafts to MUFON.

"I have to use Screenshots to upload to MUFON as I'm in a rural area and my broadband is horrible on a good day."

He then gives a description of the two pics that he uploaded to the site.

"One pic is a pic w my cell phone off my computer screen so I could zoom to see without distorting the picture and the other pic is a day time pic of the location."

The witness says that he is not sure why he witnesses so many UFOs.

"Not sure why I see so much. But it is what it is."

Finally, the witness says that he had around 50 UFO sightings and possesses photos and videos to prove them as well.

"I have had probably 50 sightings w pics and videos to prove and also with other people half the time which in fact sometimes they notice before I do."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

What is your opinion of UFO lights? Have you ever seen such an UFO light?

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