Who Are We As Human: Ground Zero of the Alien Question

Most of us humans are pretty sure about the question of human origins.  We largely divide ourselves into two groups.  One group affirms that according to "science", we, as a species "evolved" from some "money-like" state into who we're today.  The other camp embracing organized Western religions counters by declaring that a supernatural 'God' created humans in "His" own image.

However, certain elders of indigenous tribal societies reject such claims as deceptions and that's apparently why indigenous societies have been the target of a concerted effort to destroy their cultures and to assimilate them through Western organized religions and so-called "secular modern societies".

Indeed, Gerry Zeitlin's critical research suggests that the narrative of human origins presented by the scientific Establishment and the clergy of Western organized religions are the orchestrations of a manipulative alien Artificial Intelligence.

The same people who believe that there's a cover-up on UFOs and an "alien agenda" have failed to consider that there might also be a corresponding cover-up on human origins by the same "scientists" and religious clergy who would ridicule eyewitness reports of alien sightings.

If we, as humans actually knew of, and then connected, with our own spiritual-biological potential, we would be unlocking a far better future for ourselves than anything offered by "artificial intelligence", and that's apparently the basis for keeping humanity ignorant of our true origins through the oppression and destruction of vital knowledge from indigenous societies.

According to such an alternative indigenous perspective, humans neither "evolved" from a monkey-like state nor were they created by the supernatural God presented in Christianity, Judaism or Islam.  Rather aliens possessing a synthetic Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a war with humans on Earth subjected our much more advanced human ancestors to a mass mental black out designed to enable these aliens to re-write human history. The idea that humans were subjected to a "de-evolution" has been documented by Michael Cremo [please see above video].

According to David Icke, this mass black block and subsequent repression of human abilities is being enabled by Earth's Moon which is actually a manipulative alien vessel designed to support a "false reality matrix" concocted by these aliens.

Before the regressive aliens, African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa documents that humans were telepaths not requiring speech.  So advanced were humans as telepaths that no only could we as humans easily communicate with each other without speech but humans could also communicate even with animals!  The life expectancy of humans had been hundreds of years.

Humans also had lived in complete harmony with their environment in societies which embrace love, peace and empathy.  Human civilization was without war, fear, poverty, corruption, oppression and other attributes that have been brought into human civilization by lower dimensional demonic alien manipulations.

It has also been suggested that humans may have been able to teleport themselves through time-space because as humans we were not confined to the linear time line as we have today.

It is after we truly come to grips with our actual origins as a species will we be truly empowered to critically come to grips with the prevailing deceptions around aliens which are seeking to assimilate Earth into a demonic AI agenda.

When we can come to grips with the critical origins of humanity we will then be able to start a critical exploration of "who are we as humans, and what is the direction that we should go".

We may then be able to start to answer such questions as "what is the nature of reality" and what are we really doing in this solar system and universe.

Artificial intelligence through apparent alien operatives have sought to promote a utopian society governed by AI when in fact these same aliens come from anything but utopian societies.  The "world of AI" warns the ancient Pagan Gnostics is that of ego-driven and self-serving demons in a never ending climate of strife with each other under a regime of brutal domination.

As a species, we cannot afford to be lured into the propaganda promoted by the elites which consort with these AI that their future for Earth is a promise of a "comfortable lifestyle".  It is apparent that the AI agenda is to try to continue to fatten us with the cellular devices, driverless-vehicles and other AI devices until they obtain the Nazi control which they seek.


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