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PhD Michael Heiser Explains Alien Abduction Experiences

On 22 June, YouTube channel FringePop321 published a video of a lecture by PhD Michael Heiser, who explained the alien abduction phenomenon and how it affects the lives of abductees.

“You are probably wondering how big of a deal is this? How much of a problem is alien abduction syndrome? Well, according to a 1991 poll that was conducted by Budd Hopkins, who was a very famous abduction researcher, and Ron Westrum, a professor who had a PhD in Sociology, 1,5 percent of US population has had an alien abduction experience”, Mr Heiser stated. “So, the alien abduction syndrome is a lot more significant than we would think. When you actually do the math, the numbers are pretty high”, he added.

Then, the researcher proceeded to analyse the typical characteristics of an alien abduction. “First, the abductee is rendered incapable of resisting by some means usually unknown, and is taken to an alien craft. Second, there is the examination, and this is often very invasive and, in some cases violent and very sexual in nature. Third, there are the abductors, who mostly are small, grey-skinned beings with large heads, black eyes, small mouths and elongated fingers”, the PhD expressed. “Next, there is the messaging. Usually, abductees are told they are special, they are chosen to help the aliens help us, help the whole human race. After this, there is the return. Abductees are returned to Earth, occasionally in a different location from where they were allegedly taken, or with new injuries or dishevelled clothing”, he continued.

Finally, Mr Heiser mentioned a very trendy theory that seeks to explain this phenomenon: the theory of “demonization”. “First, given a world view that includes the reality of the demonic –we are talking about the Christian community-, the terrible trauma inflicted on people who experience what we call the alien abduction syndrome is certainly going to be considered as sinister. Secondly, the messaging that is associated with the abduction experience is a big deal. A lot of the content is opposed to judeo-christian doctrine, and if you read the abduction literature, no other religion seems to be targeted”, he commented. “The idea of non-human intelligences that may be sort of masquerading as ETs and who are very sinister is not exclusively put forth by Christians. Some researchers like John Keel and Jacques Valle attribute a demonic, sinister backdrop to this whole thing related to alien abductions”, the expert mentioned.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7sYjW9Tt-U



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