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Minivan Sized UFO seen shooting past SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

Scott Waring, editor of the site UFO SightingsDaily.com reports on Sunday, 22nd July 2018, that a UFO was seen shooting past the Falcon Heavy at mind boggling speed. He says “I was watching the SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy when I noticed that some dark black objects shot past the rocket at incredible speed. The objects were 1000X faster than birds and 20X faster than a jet, so what the heck could it be other than alien craft that are investigating and observing the progress of Elon Musk”.  He describes the UFO as the size of a minivan and claims they were several of them seen. “Now my estimate of its size is very conservative. Being about 5+ meters long, the UFO could be as large as 8 meters in comparison with the width of the rocket. These claims were of course supported by screen shots of the video, in which the object was clearly highlighted. According to the report, they also moved with unbelievable speed.He claims they were moving so fast that most human eye would not have noticed them.

This is clearly not the first of this kind of spotting as a number of conspiracy theorists have equally reported a claim to have seen a strange UFO in footage of Elon Musk’s epic SpaceX launch, which it was speculated could be an alien craft. The barely visible black dot was seen on several videos posted online.

Similarly a tube shaped item and brightly coloured lights have also been picked up by perceptive eyes and posted online. Millions of people tuned in to watch this Falcon Heavy rocket as it was launched from the pad used by NASA for the early Apollo missions. The spaceX mission is all part of Elon Musk’s plans to lead man to mask and perfect the firm’s reusable rocket technology. This is coming almost 50 years since Florida watched the launch of the Apollo 11 craft which took man to the moon. The launch had been streamed by Californian firm, the Hawthorne, a red Tesla roadster was carrying a mannequin called Spaceman strapped to the giant rocket.

The sightings seem to ignite fear in the human mind naturally, Former NASA researcher and physicist, Kevin Knuth reports that during a NASA Contact Conference he attended, which focused on serious speculation about extraterrestrials, a concerned participant said loudly in a sinister tone, “You have absolutely no idea what is out there!.”.  According to Knuth, after the outburst, “The silence was palpable as the truth of this statement sunk in. Humans are fearful of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. Perhaps fortunately, the distances between the stars are prohibitively vast. At least this is what we novices, who are just learning to travel into space, tell ourselves.”

Scott Brando, an online user who runsa debunking website Ufoofinterest.org., however has this to say,  "In my opinion it's impossible to identify a black dot passing over the Earth. It could be anything: satellite, space junk, debris from the Falcon Heavy. Impossible to say what is it but this doesn't mean we are seeing a UFO."


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