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Researcher Explains The Ethical Dimensions Of Alien Contact

On 08 July, YouTube user and UFO expert Renegade Cut released a very interesting video in which he broached the ethical dimensions of alien contact and how we, as humans, could coexist with aliens.

“Since there is no empirical data due to it [alien contact] being only a potential future event, we can only speculate and more importantly, prepare ourselves [for it]”, the ufologist stated. “Our first sign of life outside of Earth probably will not come in the form of black discs landing on earth in hopes of giving us a new light. Instead, more likely we will find a biosignature of oxygen in the atmosphere of an exoplanet, created by life on the surface”, he continued.

According to the YouTube user, the sociocultural impact that such discovery could cause is “tremendous”. “The impact on religious doctrines could result in theologians reinterpreting scriptures to rationalise these new findings”, he said. “Our first ethical concern is a matter of access: our likely long distance discovery does not eliminate the possibility that life could discover us first. However, NASA believes it is only a matter of decades before we discover some form of life on the reach of our technology”, he claimed.

“If we are the discoverers and not the discovered, we could see an interplanetary manifest destiny take place. What if we see their [other planets] indigenous unintelligent life as fair game to exploit? The ethics of encountering non-sentient alien life boils down to a core dilemma: is our mission about conservation and preservation? Or is our mission related to our needs and desires?”, the UFO expert wondered. “If capitalism controls space travel (mining asteroids for minerals, harvesting microbes, colonising, etc.), the balance between preservation and exploitation could shift”, he added.

Finally, the analyst asserted that our first option should be peace. A peaceful attitude towards an unknown civilisation is the best way to know much more about it. “For ethical reasons, we should consider peace with our neighbours, and for practical reasons, we should consider peace and caution”, he mentioned.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYdhZPSO78s


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