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Could Earth's Geophysical Pole Shift Cause A New Ice Age?

Recently, we have experienced a series of worrying weather phenomena: uncontrolled wildfires, terrible earthquakes, blizzards, etc. Many researchers have reflected about the causes of these issues; however, one of the most important suggested theories states that weather change could worsen due to what has been called the Geophysical Pole shift.

Writer and researcher Angellica Goodson explained that “as the Earth rolls, the continents change their positions on the globe, which is why the movement of the continents is referred to as an Earth Crustal Displacement”.

“11.500 years ago, a Geophysical Pole Shift happened, which caused an Earth Crustal Displacement: North America dropped down or moved south from the North Pole to where she is today and started to warm up. The 1-mile high ice sheet covering parts of North American continent began to disappear. This happened with the Scandinavian Ice Sheet over Europe as well”, Ms Goodson said. “Today, the Earth is rolling again. She is experiencing a Geophysical Pole shift and, as a result, the continents are once again moving towards a new location”, she added.

The effects of such pole shift are the expected: some regions are having extreme heat waves, while in others the temperature drastically drops. “Today we are once again experiencing the beginning of a Geophysical Pole Shift. North America is rolling south towards the equator, while Europe appears to be rolling north back into the freeze zone”, Ms Goodson claimed. “Think of the Earth as a ball that is rolling: as North America rolls down towards the equator on one side of the ball, the direction of the roll is also pulling Europe up to the top of the ball”, she commented.

“From what I have been able to tell, the drop North America has taken is approximately 8 degrees or between 6-10 degrees”, she expressed. “Look at where you live on the map and then drop your location down between 6-10 degrees, which is where you actually are, or pretty close to where you are on the map today”, she recommended.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information about Geophysical Pole shift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IhMKSjdiiA


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