How to Go About Sexting: The Dos and Don’ts

We live in a digital and somewhat horny society that cannot live a single day without texting and sexting each other. It is our undoing. But sex and passion is the drive that keeps most people alive. The idea that you can easily make someone else horny and needy by just some hot pictures and words can even turn you on yourself. But there ....

Dating Tips for Divorcees

It has been a while since you have been in the dating scene. A lot has changed and you are wondering where to being especially when it comes to what to wear, where to go and most of all how to handle this issue with your kids, if you have any. It is tricky situation and it mostly depends on you and what you hope to achieve when it comes to starting over. Here are a few pointers. ....

Toronto Big is Sexy Group Opens

Are you a plus size guy or gal seeking to establish a true and lasting relationship with your true admirer? The Toronto Big is Sexy Group which recently opened is just the perfect meet-up site for you. Gone were the days when people preferred to date and associate themselves with slim ladies. These slim ladies were regarded as sexy and attractive. Latest developments have shown that such a trend ....

First Date Questions to Ask a Woman

You could see them from a mile. They face each other across a restaurant or bistro table, looking awkward and nervous. They are certainly on their first date. Truth is, the first date is where great relationships begin, or stumble into weird, dead-end conversation. How do you know they are meeting for the first time? The obvious and observable clues such as the stiff formality, their ....

BBW Dating: Goes on Sale

Do you own a BBW related online dating business?  If so, you might wish to think of buying  This is a fabulous online datind domain for anyone you owns a BBW related business.  The current asking price of this domain $50,000. 

Prospective buyers should email: ....

Tinder for Friends: New Apps Cater to People Seeking Platonic Friendships

Sick of the seasonal chatter of Valentine’s Day dinner reservations, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses? You’re not the only one. Trend Hunter’s research has shown romantic relationships are not the top priority for those in their 20s today, and the notion that one needs a man or woman is being scoffed at – especially by young women. Movies such as How to be Single, strong single l ....

Why Women Want to Date A Uniformed Professional in Canada

Does the sight of someone in a uniform get you all hot under the collar? You aren’t the only one, as millions of people wish to form a relationship with a uniformed professional, whether they are in the military, if they are police officers, firemen, doctors, or even paramedics. It makes you wonder if people are attracted to the man or if it is just the uniform. According to Psychologi ....

5 Steps That Will Make You Love Online Dating Over 50

While online dating has made finding a partner simple, there are many women over 50 who have no idea how to navigate dating sites. It may seem like an unobvious route for your generation, but if you’re able to master this new dating domain, you can actually find interesting men and get dates with them. And who knows? Among all these people, you might just find that special someone for mature dat .... Provides Friends-Based Online Dating

Are you a single man or woman living in Ottawa? Do you want to date someone interesting soon? The city of Ottawa now has a new dating site that offers a localized experience. The website has been created for single people in the city who are tired of using the services of traditional dating sites. is a new local oriented dating site that seeks to primarily serve users in Canada's ....

Dating: Top 7 Casual Tips for Ladies

( - If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, you might be considering the option of casual dating. Here are seven tips that will prepare you for the experience and that will help you to avoid any pitfalls along the way.

1) Finding the right guy

Finding the right guy for a no-strings-attached liaison is a ticklish business. It coul ....

Datingbusters: Are, Scams?

We all know that the internet is full of wonderful information and also a lot of scams and nonsense. We uncover some dubious issues that make us question If you visit the site you'll find a long list of articles that appear to have been published for purely altruistic purposes. In these articles the unnamed site admin (who have only an email address as contact details) piles .... Top 16 Signs You Are Headed For Divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest experiences by any couple and can leave each partner wondering why it occurred. However, there are earlier signs that show the marriage could be headed for worse. Addiction Alcoholism, gambling or Internet addiction will make unavailable the time needed for valuable company with your partner. Soon, your part .... 45 Best Places for Women to Meet Single Guys

Meeting women is a lot easier than you think. There are quite a few places to meet very attractive, single women. with the help of have gotten together a list of the top 45 best places to meet women.

1. A Bar: Booze and small talk? Perfect!

2. Grocery store: Chat about cooking and recipes, easy enough.

3. Bookstore: Mention your favorite author, .... Reviews: Top 10 Places to meet Beautiful Women

The dating world is really hard these days. With everyone so caught up in their jobs and their social Medias, why is it so hard to meet women? There are many places that we go to all of the time and don’t even think to look around at the beautiful women here. is a great place to meet a beautiful woman online and they also give many tips to help you do so.

1. The DM .... Singles group hosts free pizza party

In today’s busy world more and more people are turning to the internet in search of friendships, dates and possible life-partners. However, most dating sites don’t offer opportunities to socialise with other site members in person. Of course, many dating sites serve too broad a market to allow for such activities, leaving you with the singles bar as your only option for meeting other sing ....

Ottawa Dating: New Site Launches Free Pizza Party

If you are single and you’re looking to meet some new friends, why not sign up for This is a great website to find people with similar hobbies and passions. is a dating site like no other. There are many different groups and events on the dating site, which makes it different from other dating sites like OK Cupid or has many .... 7 types of men women avoid

( Reviews) -- In today’s fast moving world, every man wants to date the most gorgeous women around, but most often, guys tend to make some common mistakes, which in turn make them not-so-attractive. So, we have compiled a list of 7 types of men women avoid, so that you can check if you fall in any of those categories. Don’t worry; even if you are one of those men, then you ca .... Brings Alternative to Speed Dating

For many who are single and seeking to make new friendships or expand already made friendships, there are dating sites and speed dating events. Many people do not like the idea of speed dating because it seems very juvenile. There is no real time to really get to know someone. There are other ways to get out there and meet people. is a new dating website that is changing ....