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Apocalyptical cult groups seek the destruction of New York City and Toronto

9-11 viewed as the "first step" toward a "North American Union" in 2007 and a sought New World Order

by John Stokes

  World Trade Center

World Trade Center.

Reliable sources suggest that it is apparent that fascistic "pseudo-Christian" cult group(s), and not apparent Muslim scapegoats, were responsible for the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

America is popularly acknowledged as the world's only Superpower, with by far the world's best intelligence capability. That is further supported by a vast network of corresponding intelligence, and police investigative capability including INTERPOL, from its allies.

No Muslim rogue group or Islamist government had any chance of the Herculean bringing down the World Trade Center, undetected from these agencies. Furthermore, the World Trade Center was also built to withstand aeroplanes being crashed into it, and other similar terrorist schemes.

The aeroplane Hijackers associated with 9-11 could be viewed to be little more than employees hired for their apparent Muslim cultural heritage, who were being manipulated by a much more technologically sophisticated plot, than could ever be executed by any 'Muslim radical' group.

Having dismissed the credibility of the official claim that Muslim extremists could ever have launched a scheme to bring down the World Trade Center undetected, then what kind of group would seek to bring down the World Trade Center? The psychological profile of the mastermind of the World Trade Center, and the corresponding Washington D.C. attacks suggests a well-financed pseudo-Christian cult, with Neo-Nazi affiliations.

Apocalyptical "pseudo-Christian" cult groups apparently applauded the destruction of WTC. In their apparent view, the World Trade Center was a modern day "polyglot" version of 'Tower of Babel' in a city of "mongrel races" and "sinfulness", reminiscent of Babylon in the Bible.

The World Trade Center (WTC) was a symbol of the financial success of New York City, as America's financial capital. Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany for being an "inferior race" that presided over a "Conspiracy" to take-over the world using their financial power, in part, to create "morally degenerative cultural products" symbolized by today's film industry which is attacked by "neo-cons". The WTC would therefore make a prime target for any Neo-Nazi-inspired group, which sought to begin a racial "purification" against "Jewry", and its "permissive" institutions expressed in NYC, and that were viewed to have led to the weakening of America. These despised institutions include human rights, peace, and environmental groups led by Jews, and which in turn support the activities of other "inferior races". "Grassroots" U.S. -based Neo-Nazi groups applauded the destruction of the WTC in the aftermath of 9-11.

Tower of Babel (Artist representation)

Tower of Babel (Artist representation).

Goro Adachi remarks in Etemenanki, "How fitting is it that it was the twin towers -- by far the tallest in the city -- of the "modern Babylon", i.e. NYC, that were destroyed in the recent terrorist attacks?" He further stipulates that "NYC is the ultimate melting pot of all peoples of this planet where they interact in harmony (well-exemplified by New York City being the home of the United Nations) and produce something -- just like the builders of the Tower of Babel. And even the designation of 'whore', Adachi indicates "is quite applicable as at the entrance of that city is found a welcoming Statue of Liberty, a "sinful" woman symbolizing the city."

Adachi also indicates that "Esoterically, Sirius is represented by a five-pointed star, i.e. a pentagonal form -- thus ending up strongly resonating with the fact that the '9-11' terrorist attacks hit not just the WTC towers but also the Pentagon (whose construction, by the way, began on 9-11)." Adachi further indicates that, "Sirius, moreover, may be considered a 'stargate' par excellence for in ancient Egypt 'star' was interchangeable with 'doorway'.

Sirius being the brightest star in the night sky, it can thusly be viewed as the ultimate 'gate of heaven', or 'gate of the god' - which just happens to be the very meaning of the name 'Babylon'. Similarly, the name given to the historical Tower of Babel, Etemenanki, meant 'the house of the foundation of heaven and earth', i.e. a gate to heaven." Adachi further observes that,"This link is then further enhanced by the fact that the name 'Magdalene' (as Magdala) the alleged lover of Jesus, can mean 'tower' as in the Tower of Babel and the [former and now destroyed] WTC twin towers."

These "pseudo-Christian" confederates are apparently ideologically linked with groups seeking a "New World Order". These groups apparently view the destruction of the WTC as only the first "salvo" for their apparently contemplated destruction of the whole of New York City as a "city of sinners", in a scheme that can be blamed against "Muslim extremists". The first "salvo" was apparently, to create a context of fear among the populace against an identified "enemy" in the form of oil-possessing Muslims, which could legitimate the destruction of rights in a democracy of "mongrel races".

The criminal profile of the mastermind associated with 9-11 shows a calculated tactician which will "return to the scene of the crime" in order to inflict much more destruction, like a megalomaniacal serial criminal.


Once the Muslim extremists can be blamed (in a similar manner that Adolf Hitler's Nazis blamed the Jews), for the destruction of New York City, and other targets, under the contrived pre-text of a "War against Terrorism" then a sought "Race War" can escalate. Apocalyptical groups seek to galvanize a "Race War" against inferior Muslims races, involving nuclear strikes, toward a "racial cleansing". Various openly practicing and underground racist organizations in the U.S., some of which are very well-financed, have had a long history of viewing the inevitability of "race war".

Apocalyptical groups apparently seek the destruction of New York City because it embraces the spirit of American liberty that has been "misplaced" in the hands of its "sinful mongrel races". The destruction of Toronto is similarly sought by Apocalyptical groups because of its mongrel races associated with the world's most "multicultural city", that "must" be destroyed to give way a "god fearing" Aryan "North American Union".

Within this context of the apparent prism of the Apocalyptical mastermind associated with 9-11; once Toronto is simultaneously attacked, along with other targets like Montreal and Ottawa, the Harper government will then be in a position to "invite" U.S. troops under pre-text of Security Agreements signed by the Martin government with the Bush regime in 1995.

In a "North American Union" which is sought by 2007, the Constitutions of the U.S. and Canada are to be replaced by a military-political-complex guided by religiously fascist values mis-attributed to the Bible's Book of Revelation. The "North American Union" is to be a further strategic step toward joining with Europe in a "New World Order", as Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the U.S. in the mid-1980's had inspired "Globalization". Apocalyptical groups seek to fulfill Adolf Hitler's sought goal of the "unification of the white race", and the subjugation of other "inferior" groups which include "coloured" Muslim groups, in labour camps. Some groups like 'Prison Planet' allege that labour and concentration camps, in fact, have already been built in preparation of a state of anarchy caused by the anticipated destruction of cities like New York in U.S. and Toronto in Canada, ensuing nuclear strikes against "Islamist" targets, and a sought "race war". Apocalyptical groups seek a "New World Order" presided by a ruling elite of Aryan descendants of great "European warriors" who will "fulfill the Book of Revelation" by ushering in 'Judgement Day' against inferior races that are "destined" to serve the "master race".

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