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Magazine editor explores UFOs in Washington D.C.

by Robert Stanley

  Washington D.C. UFO photo

Authentic, close-up, Washington D.C. UFO photo taken in 2002, supplied by Robert Stanley, Editor, Unicus Magazine.

The book Close Encounters on Capitol Hill, reports that although Washington, D.C., is surrounded by restricted and prohibited airspace it is statistically the UFO sightings capital of the world. In fact, during my year-and-a-half of research for this book, I was able to locate 224 UFO events that have reportedly occurred in the D.C. area from 1850 to 2006. Unicus Magazine provides a free chapter: LINK.

This 411 page book comes with 20 pages of Washington, D.C., UFO photos on a CD.

The hundreds of UFO events that have transpired in D.C. include many credible as well as incredible eye witness accounts, radar returns, physical effects, photographs and movies, documented abductions, close encounters with alien beings, and more.

The first chapter of this book, includes evidence revealed by a former ABC News photographer who accidentally captured apparent UFOs landing on Capitol Hill on film - July 16, 2002. These negatives have been authenticated by a commercial film lab. The images are compelling. The implications are profound.

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