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Critically acclaimed film uncovers UFO evidence

Fastwalkers Screening is a Canadian Premiere

by Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed, Exopolitics Columnist

Fastwalker "is a code word created by NORAD to classify non-correlated targets (UFOs) which approach our Earth from space and enter our atmosphere - roughly 500 are tracked yearly," according to Exopolitics groups.

In the provocative HD film documentary Fastwalkers, the Safe Space News Agency definitively establishes the truth about the reality of UFOs and the contact with off world civilizations these craft represent.

Dramatic testimony is given by high level government security agency spokespersons, military and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, lawyers, physicists and researchers confirming how, in the performance of their duties, they saw authentic documentation, witnessed actual extraterrestrial craft both visually and on radar tracks, all attesting to the authenticity of this phenomenon. In an alarming fashion each witness describes in chilling detail how they were warned not to discuss any of their experiences with media or the public. These people, assigned to work for the government, know the truth and are willing to talk about it.

Now, you too can explore evidence on how information concerning the presence of off-world civilizations is being kept from approporiate public scrutiny contrary to the principles of a responsible democratic-oriented society. Coordinators for the screening of this film in Canada say that "you have a right to know!"

The Canadian premiere screening of Fastwalkers promises to be an evening of thought provoking discussion. Meet and question Robert Miles co-producer of Fastwalkers, Stephen G. Bassett founder of the Paradigm Research Group a major featured witness in the documentary and other guests.

As quoted in International UFO Congress:

"For the first time, Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form. discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing. Fastwalker UFO photos and Fastwalker footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts, who focus on providing a 'World View' of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what 'we are told is happening'."

Screening Details

Exopolitics Toronto in cooperation with the SAFE SPACE NEWS AGENCY is sponsoring the Canadian Premier Screening of FASTWALKERS on Wednesday March 7, 2007 at 7:00 pm at De La Salle College Theatre. Visit our web site LINK for ticket and other information or LINK. Questions? Contact Exopolitics Media Relations Director, e-mail:

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