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Canada's Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs

Now on DVD in Canada

by David Sereda, Film Director's Special Column

  Dan Aykroyd

Dan Akroyd

I Directed "Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs" and other UFO films because they are real to me. I am not a believer alone. I am a UFO witness. When you see one of these things, all of the video tape you see in this film is "as it is": truly real. This is the truth to me because I saw a UFO metallic Flying Saucer, with several other witnesses, hovering in the sky above Berkeley, CA, 1967-68 for over twenty minutes. It changed my life. After twenty minutes, the Flying Saucer blinked out and went invisible. My story and experience has been heard by millions of people on the hundreds of radio shows I do. When I learned that Flying Saucers were a world wide phenomena, I engaged myself into the subject. I studied and became and Expert in this field.

Despite Dan Aykroyd's lifetime study of the UFO phenomenon and several case studies he has done, he is the most well informed and educated Hollywood celebrity on the subject, along with Steven Spielberg. The recent UFO over Chicago's Ohare airport keeps Aykroyd on the subject. In this film, Aykroyd is backed up by Several Expert Witnesses who have had either clear documentation on UFO cases or experiences themselves: Astronaut Gordon Cooper testifies to chasing UFOs in his F-86 Fighter jet in Germany, post WW II, double lenticular disc-shaped UFOs that out-performed his fighter, and another case at Edwards AFB in 1957; Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14) walked on the moon and testifies that UFOs are real; USAF Ret Ken Storch testifies that UFOs nearly started WW III mistaken for Russian ICBMs; Medical Doctor Lynn Kitei (The Phoenix Lights), John Schuessler, NASA Contactor, etc.etc.

When Expert Witnesses testify to seeing and having experiences with Flying Saucers and UFOs, we would think that our own Space Agency, Government, Congress and the President would listen in. Seriously now, we have so much to gain by learning from Extraterrestrial civilizations: like how to solve the energy pollution crisis, how to travel between star systems and other galaxies, and spiritual evolution. Why not believe?

In a court of Law, an Expert Witness is a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he/she is to testify about. That means, if someone with less experience in their area of expertise testifies against them, it does not stand. You cannot challenge an Expert Witness unless you are an Expert Witness yourself.

Why is it that when Expert Witnesses testify by the hundreds to thousands in "Project Disclosure," and in this film, civilians claim they are all delusional and seeing weather related phenomena? Don't we think Gordon Cooper knows every enemy airplane by number, and every allied airplane by number, let alone balloons, and rockets? Also, that he would know when he is looking at a craft that anti-gravitic, truly beyond all known technology?

When Ken Storch USAF Retired testifies that UFOs nearly caused WW III at Space Command, he is testifying as an Expert Witness. John Schuessler is testifying as an Expert Witness that he saw the Filed Reports on Several Astronaut UFO encounters, including James McDivitt, Gemini IV, 1965 UFO Sighting.

Why did Time Magazine report UFO sightings by expert witnesses with glowing testimony without critique in the 1960s? How did this all change? Is this cover-up being paid for by the CIA?

Time Magazine reported on July 27, 1962 that while test flying the X-15, Major Bob White (another Expert Witness) found a new mystery for scientists to puzzle: Through the X-15's thick left quartz window, he saw a strange sight. "There are things out there," he said dramatically over his voice radio. "There absolutely is." As Mr. White later described on "thing,": "It looked like a piece of paper the size of my hand tumbling slowly outside the plane. It was grayish in colour, and about 30 to 40 feet away. I haven't any idea what it could be."

The Time Magazine article inspired the Pilot Episode of "My Favorite Martian" in 1963. They used the same incident precisely: the X-15 being pursued by a UFO.

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