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Radical Priest Decries Damage to Spirit by Neocons on 9/11

Rev. Michael V. Goldsun

Did we ever think we'd find ourselves here of all places ?

Did we ever believe that things could get SO bad ?!

In 1961, during the Bay of Pigs, crisis I was attending an American Air Force Elementary school in Seville Spain, and the talk among the military 'brats' was like that of their parents, as if we preparing for World War III.

We practiced duck and cover in class and I spent the next 20 years living under the premise that we were all going to die soon. Somehow that had imprinted itself onto my young mind and just wouldn't let go, and as the years went by I accidentally found myself practicing duck and cover scenarios in my mind wherever I was at the time.

In 1963 while passing through New York City on our way to Australia, we stopped to visit the U.N. building and were there when John F. Kennedy was shot. I saw grown men in suits panicking, rushing around, clearing the building with tears running down their faces, and in the echoes of the huge vacuous lobby I heard people screaming and crying in horror as we were led out of the building. Outside, the flags of the Nations were being lowered to half mast and soon after, as we walked, the news that our president had died, reached the streets.

I still get shivers remembering this. I had never seen grown adults bawling. All over the place there were people in tears, rushing hurriedly to unknown places, nursing a pain beyond my comprehension. In my lifetime I still believe that this was the moment when our innocence was lost. As a nation we had crossed over into a dark and ominous place, never to return; yet crippled by this burden we made our way down to greater depths of despair and horror. With this we have all lived and grown older while the atrocities seem to have grown too.

As the 60's unfolded we faced the unfathomable reaches of Cosmic consciousness and death by Viet Cong. Many of us went and died, many of us fled and many of us stayed, waited and protested. The greatness that we had become after World War II, had somehow turned into a living nightmare for us in some obscure, inexplicable death trap in an Asian jungle for some obscure political motive. Yet throughout this war, the strength of our generation and the thresholds we crossed were unprecedented.

We picked up the ball from the places our parents had left it and ran with it.

We opened a consciousness far exceeding the limits placed on us by society, and in the tide of Beatlemania and Woodstock we contemplated eastern philosophies and macrobiotic diets, tie dye and mandalas, fasting and yoga, re-incarnation and Karma.

We were full of colour and hope for humankind; as if we could wash away the evils of the world with a mere wave of a stick of incense. We nurtured a new horizon for ourselves, one of compassion and love, of equality and peace among men. We fully believed that the ills of the earth and of greedy men would be absolved if we could just love enough. We lived in lifestyles considered radical and alternate, based on sharing instead of greed, health instead of money, love instead of war. We grappled with esoteric concepts and comprised a group known as the Counterculture as we shed our capitalistic breeding for group awareness, self realization and inner peace. We were going to change the world for the better; once and for all.

After ten years and 50,000 of our peers had passed in Vietnam our efforts finally brought an end to the atrocity that had been waged over there and amidst the shame of an unscrupulous president the next chunk of our integrity and faith was crunched under the hand of the 'Man'.

Surely THAT was as bad as it could get!

Surely THAT was the end of evil and the beginning of our dream !

Surely we would live long enough to find out otherwise.

We are the Baby Boomers. Children of hope.

Sprouted from the Age of Aquarius and fed on the miracles of space and technology.

We eagerly embraced our future with power, strength and numbers enough to correct the ills of man and secure our planet from any more unnecessary suffering and death.

WE knew a better way.

WE lived a better way.

WE have lost our way.

On September 11th 2001, any remaining vestiges of hope we had clutched onto were yanked from us by the maniacal fat cat cartel that has seized our globe in their lust to own and control everything that is not theirs; from the air we breath to the constitution that runs in our veins, from the thoughts in our minds to the words that we may or may not speak, from the truth we know and the privacy we value to the peace, freedom and righteousness that we stand for.

Those vile men who have stolen and sold our nation from within; the unscrupulous, treasonous politicians; the blasphemers who use the word GOD like it's either a magic sword or a secret password, the rapers of Faith who suddenly become pious while passing a church on their way to a whorehouse, the unworthy and unholy members of groups like the KKK, PNAC, WTO or GOP, the traitors in our own ranks, our own governing body, the corporate deviant -- the anti-christs within. "

The ways of peace and love have been stripped to the bone and ground up for cannon fodder. The ways of fairness and equality have been eaten by the greedy and defecated into huge mountains that block out the light.

Humankind has done the worst it could have done and despite all of our awareness and consciousness we have failed to intercede.

We are to be forgiven though, because a force of mans nature is at play here and I shall describe to you what it is.

For simplicity's sake I shall describe two entities.

A peaceful man and a greedy man.

The peaceful man/woman has spent his time on Earth collecting his answers from within, seeing peace as his/her goal and working in harmony with the world around him/her. He/she knows himself, he/she knows the difference between right and wrong and adheres to a rigid code of behaviour. He/she respects the world and all living things, he's content with the way things are and is happy living in his/her peaceful world.

The 'greedy individual' has spent his time collecting money or power or both. He/she is a barren wasteland within, seeks no answers, doesn't even know where to start; so he/she runs from his inner pain and conceals his/her anger at the universe for being robbed of inner peace by raping and pillaging anyone who crosses his/her path.

His/her goal is to accumulate power and wealth as a panacea for inner turmoil. The drive that he/she experiences is that of life and death, yet he/she takes no time to live and has made no preparations to die. His/her soul is tormented by his unhealthy quest yet he feels the only way out is to collect more; at any cost. His/her drive for power is desperate and merciless. He/her will stop at NOTHING. He/she forsakes his conscience, his morals, and his Earth.

So, a peaceful man or woman who crosses his path doesn't stand a chance. He/she will not violate his/her morals, he/she will not cheat, pillage or burn. He/she will not kill and thus, when faced with this rabid dog of a human being, he/she is slain.

And so it is; ' Gods Fearing People' are slain.

We, the generation of hope; the bearers of good news and global consciousness, healing and long life; are slain by the sword of the greedy who have murdered, cheated, lied and stolen their way into power.

This is a sad thing that man has done. Especially this American Man/Woman ! HE/SHE has taken this planet and thrashed it beyond survival. Of all of the good things that the mind of man has conceived, it is the evil in men's hearts that strikes the death blow to us all.

The greedy have amassed and hoarded more wealth than they could ever consume if they lived for a million years, while the poor die by the thousands every day.

On 9/11 we were witness to the grossest most heinous act ever conceived of festering puss filled minds; the shared thought form that urged these soulless men to plan and execute an attack against our own to incite a war somewhere else.

Of course it was a home spun manoeuvre.

How else could we have been warned and not acted?

How else could our president continue staring blankly at a book when he was told?

How else could all of the elements have been controlled?

How else could the evidence be concealed?

How else could the rage be aroused except by the most primal incitement of our national pride?

And to what end?

Another pointless war in our lifetime.

A war executed on borrowed money that will not be repaid as long as we live, and very likely not in the shortened lifetimes of our children either.

A war that is running up a sand dune, with lives and hope lost in quicksand.

In return we have had our nation crippled and hobbled to a point of no recovery, teetering on the edge of oblivion on a planet that cannot survive long enough for the damage to be undone; a wanton and pointless waste of nations and resources on an earth already manacled to an irrecoverable handicap of gross consumption and egomaniacal absurdity.

Instead of doing something good, the rogue powers have chosen to continue rushing to our inevitable demise like a pack of psychotic lemmings.

Powerless, broken and despairing we can only watch.

There is NO hope.

There is NO choice.

WE have failed. Our youth is gone, our power is gone; our dreams are shattered, and death is knocking on our door; we might have done something good.

We didn't.


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