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Scientific evidence suggests Puerto Rican woman is an Extraterrestrial-Human hybrid

  Milagros Garcia (right) with her mother

Milagros Garcia (right) with her mother.

Milagros Garcia is an alleged Alien and Human inter-species hybrid. The blood DNA from this Puerto Rican woman has yielded analyses so unusual and interesting that the physician involved is now interested in meeting the subject for further study. The DNA is possible in humans but is very rare.

Ms. Garcia claims that she is the offspring of an alien encounter. The Doctor is not interested in the UFO/ alien phenomena he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities.

A Case similar to this is being investigated in New Paris Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and get by on two hours of sleep a night. Pictured on the left is Milagros Garcia's Mother and Milagros Garcia is on the right.

The case of Omnec Onec, an alleged 'Venusian'

Omnec Onec  

Omnec Onec.


Omnec Onec alleges that she is a female extraterrestrial who originally came to Earth in 1955, who was born 246 Earth years ago. Omnec Onec says she was raised on the planet Venus in a town called Teutonia (a city whose name reflects earlier Venus-Earth contacts that included a trip to Venus by a German scientist). She alleges that she lived on an astral plane -- without a physical body -- until she was instructed by her leaders to travel to Earth with a message of peace and brotherhood.

After landing in Earth, she said she was substituted for a seven-year-old girl who had just been killed in a bus wreck accident. She was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by the grandmother of Sheila, the girl whom she had replaced. She grew up in what was to all outward appearances a normal life, never speaking of Venus, and endured the struggles that allowed her to deal with her own karmic past.

She grew up, married and moved to Chicago, where she raised three children. worked as a bar maid, a clothes designer and a cashier.

As a young adult, however, she began to manifest her second mission, to offer humanity an increased awareness of their relation to spirit.

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Omnec says she was trained to live as a human in an ancient monastery in Tibet.

She revealed her true space alien nature in 1990, when she wrote and published her best-selling book. Today she travels around the United States and Europe, spreading a message of peace and brotherhood, a she was instructed to do by Venusian leaders.

From the Temple of History she learned of the long-term monitoring of Earth by scientists from many planets and of the nature of life on all of these planets. Earth, the youngest of the planets in this solar system, is plagued by the imbalance caused by its singular Moon, which works an alternating influence on people as it moves through the heavens. The other planets are organized into a Brotherhood of Planets and their monitoring of Earth includes the era of 'Atlantis' and 'Lemuria'. The different races of earth have ties to the inhabitants of the various planets.

According to Onec, a set of teachings called Om-Notia Zedia, the laws of the Supreme Deity, exists on Venus. These teachings start with the utterly transcendent Supreme Deity from whom there issues an audible life stream of Spirit. This life stream sustains the existence of all worlds and universes. Human beings are Soul existing in the ocean of Spirit. Souls have been placed in physical embodiment to awaken to their true nature. The Soul may learn to exist apart from its physical body and to travel in the planes of existence between the physical world and God, beginning with the astral, causal, and mental planes.

Onec indicated a belief reincarnation and karma and accepted the idea of coming to Earth to balance her personal karma.

Her account included a variety of Galaxy-wide problems, including claims of significant habitation of all of the planets of the solar system and assertions of conditions existing on these planets that contradict the repeated observations of various space probes. Indeed, some scientists, researchers like former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland and former astronauts claim that publicly released photos taken of space and planets have been censored, to delete commonplace UFOs, other various structures on planets created by alien civilizations, which include evidence of underground dwellings. To also help defend the account, claims were also made that inhabitants resided on something other than the physical plane of existence.

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