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Does America's 9/11 Truth Movement require a Presidential candidate in 2008?

by Susan Washington

  US Soldier and Flag

Hopefully the 9/11 Truth Movement's assessment that 9/11 along with the ensuing "War of Terrorism" is not an "inside job". However, if the 9/11 Truth Movement in the U.S. is accurate in their criticism of the Bush administration's Muslim conspiracy scenario, as a movement they are politically disenfranchised. Neither the Democratic or the Republican political Establishment, supports re-opening an investigation of the perpetrators of 9/11. If the 9/11 Truth Movement is accurate in its premises about 9/11, then well-financed interests would not support maverick candidates like Republican Ron Paul, who has been reported to have called for the impeachment of the current Bush administration.

The ability of the 9/11 Truth Movement to prevail, if these activists are correct in their organizational premise, will rely on its ability to inspire a new political party movement, built around a 9/11 Truth-oriented Presidential ticket. Of course, Investigation of 9/11 could not be the sole purpose of a viable political party. Rather, 9/11 could be the vital centrepiece of a policy platform to rejuvenate as a democracy. Such a Presidential ticket, would need remember what happened to Robert F. Kennedy, It would also need to articulate a new form of politics in America, which puts the quality-of-living of its citizens first, and returns the American military to its rightful place of honour in American society, as a defender of freedom and democracy, rather than an instrument of greed and Empire.

Richard M. Dolan, has been an eloquent critic of the undermining of America as a democracy, by the greed-driven imperial ambitions of a religious-political-military-industrial complex. Americans need to choose whether they seek to protect and rejuvenate themselves as a democracy, or will continue to become oppressed by elite ambitions for Empire. The saving and re-affirmation of America as a democracy, away from a 9/11 Truth Movement's imputation of alleged neo-fascist intrigue, may very well depend on the commitment of the 9/11 Truth Movement to leading a new political initiative, which reclaims America from a path of perpetuated war, social injustice, and environmental self-destruction.

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