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Manipulative Extraterrestrials appear to use religion and capitalism to control humanity

by Oliver Davis

  The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino". It was painted in the 15th century. The Palazzo Vecchio lists the artist as unknown although attributed to the Lippi school.

A composite appreciation of research done by members of 'Exopolitics communities', and other testimony, suggests that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have directed the creation of religion, and capitalism, in order to develop a useful cabal of elites. The creation of a cabal of elites on Earth in the strategic areas of contrived religions and business enterprises, has been apparently sought by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, to gain a foothold on Earth for an agenda of self-aggrandizement and 'ego'.

Herein is a rough a composite appreciation of a systematized context in which Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to enslave humanity. through religion and the corresponding mutation of capitalism, toward a prism of human self-destruction. Manipulative Extraterrestrials from the earliest development of humankind, have used the creation of 'religion' to create what the ancient Gnostic disciples of Jesus referred to as 'false God'. This 'impostor God' is constructed in the image of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials or what Gnostics referred to as 'demons' or "beings from Hell".

According to the Gnostics, when people go to various constructed religious structures, from Churches, synagogues, Mosques, and Temples, they 'believe' that they are going to "worship God". However, ancient Gnostics affirm that people have actually been duped into worshipping "the mask" of "beings from Hell". Why do you think that so much oppression including slavery, the Holocaust against the Jews, genocide, colonial agendas accompanied by wars, pedophile, other horrific violence, bigotries, sexism, homophobia, retribution, and ecocide, have had a "religious inspirations"? This has not occurred in spite of religion, but BECAUSE of the apparent largely sub-conscious messages, which Manipulative Extraterrestrials have used religion to pursue alongside a "divide and conquer" agenda, against the human spirit, Earth, and God.

Ancient Gnostics suggest that religious organizations are essentially earthly shrines to a "false God" contrived by beings of physical Hell, which seek to intrude in our universe, and the Earth specifically. The well-documented dysfunctional and destructive effects of elite-driven religious organizations supports this testimony. Indeed, apparent messages of "peace and love" which religious leadership communicates to their worshippers from time to time, appear to be public relations professings, while these elites actively consort with a political cabal toward social control and domination.

Hilter greeted a Catholic Cardinal from the Vatican

Hilter greeted a Catholic Cardinal from the Vatican.

Christian elites have indeed openly made proclamations of the desire for Global conquest from the times of the Roman Empire. Christian elites also allied themselves to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, and now have a reported agenda to renew their objectives through the creation of a New World Order.

Based upon Gnostics insights, the U.S. Bush administrations accompanying Christian professings, while actively engaged in the pursuit of pre-emptive military expansionism, in not a contradiction. The U.S. Bush administration operates fully consistent with the evolution of modern Christianity, and other religions, as a pursuers of empire-driven power.

Gnostics dedicated their lives to pursue knowledge of the cosmic God of the universe, which has nothing to do with 'religion'. Indeed, religion was apparently specifically designed by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to confuse and deny humanity's awareness of God, for that would provide a spiritual defence mechanism against Manipulative Extraterrestrials (and attempts by Earthbound elites to create capitalist systems of oppression).

Ancient Gnostics suggest the "Creation stories" like Adam and Eve in the Old Testament Bible of Christianity, are Manipulative Extraterrestrial mythologies perpetuated by religious elites. Gnostics also suggest that the repression of sexuality, for example, which is pivotal to modern Christianity, and that is repeated by neo-conservatives in such Halls of Power as the U.S. Bush administration, was proselytized by the demonic emissaries of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Very sexual accounts of Jesus which were part of the pre-translated Greek versions of the New Testament were simply edited out by the demonic emissaries of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. That is apparently because tantric sexual expression, if cultivated by humanity, would foster the very climate of peace and lovingkindness toward an understanding and communion with God, which Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to replace by a climate of hatred and enmity between people. Indeed, ancient Gnostics disciples of Jesus reportedly pursued orgiastic sexuality in their pursuit of knowledge and spiritual communion with God.

Reports from human contactees, attributed to Ethical Extraterrestrials from a relatively "higher dimensional density plane", consistent with Gnostic messages, have indicated that God exists within the human spirit which Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to enslave and destroy. God also materially manifests in Mother Nature, in what the Gnostics referred to as "Sophia", which is the female womb which springs life to Earth.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to replace the pursuit of knowledge of a scientifically verifiable "God of the universe", which Aeons ("Ethical Extraterrestrial beings of light") have sought to communicate (inspire conscious awareness of) to Earthbound humanity, with instead "blind faith" to a demonic created "false God". "Faith" appears to have been a corresponding system created by Manipulative Extraterrestrials" to disarm the ability of the human consciousness to protect humans from the obvious insidious religious hypocrisies. Through rituals, dogma, and induced states of ignorance within religious systems, Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to create useful creeds, in which bigotries could be fostered among competing "false God" images.

  Adolf Hitler converses with the Catholic Pope's representative

Adolf Hitler converses with the Catholic Pope's representative, Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, at a New Year's reception in Berlin. (January 1, 1935). --Adolf Hitler, in a speech on April 12th, 1922 had said that, "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter."

God is an appreciational context which requires humanity to elevate its consciousness, along with its capacities to reason and analyse. Ancient Gnostics and the apparent messages of Ethical Extraterrestrials seem to agree that God is not a context of "worship" or "prayer" to an external entity, which requires suppressing human critical faculties of reason and analysis. Priests, ministers, bishops, rabbis, immans, and other clerics, which seek to oppress critical questions about the apparent hypocrises of respective religions are tacitly serving a Manipulative Extraterrestrial agenda to deny humanity a critical awareness of the God of the universe.

Gnostics suggest that the knowledge of the cosmic God (again, not the Gnostic cited false "impostor" God associated with religion) provides a physic defence against Manipulative Extraterrestrials, along with their deception through the creation of religion, and fostering of capitalism. Capitalism was the fostering of systems of trade, historically directed under the guidance the fusion of religious and political power, which in turn spawned large oppressive industrial interests. Large corporations in western Society thus have their origins the Gnostic testified hijackings of messages of Jesus and Aeons, that led to modern Christianity (and other such "religious cults"), and which created in the political economic context for the birth of Big Business interests. These Big Business interests, along with the antecedent joint political and religious interests view their collectively shared and parcelled-out power, as being perpetuated by continuing to repress the pursuit of a knowledge of God, and Extraterrestrials in general.

The apparent desire of a religious-political-military-industrial complex to repress knowledge of Extraterrestrials in general, and the true cosmic God as Gnostics present, works in favour of an apparent agenda to maintain a societal ignorance (as well as accompanying dis-information in the context of mass-deception) which works in favour of Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

People in this world who pursue peace, lovingkindness, environmental protection, and social justice, against a capitalist hierarchy ruled by demonic consciousnesses, have developed an implicit spiritual communion with God, which as affirmed by ancient Gnostics, has nothing to do with religion. The very religious and political interests which spawned capitalism, now seek to vanquish these vital parts of the human consciousness of God, with particular reference to the so-called "War on Terror". The so-called "War of Terror" reflects the hideous intelligences of the Gnostic identified Manipulative Extraterrestrials, inclusive of appeals to prisms of fear and hatred induced by 'lower dimensional density' demonic consciousnesses, that seeks to control humanity, in an agenda of greed, venality, and exploitation.

Ancient Gnostic disciples of Jesus suggest that endeavouring to understand and experience the cosmic God of the universe, is to critically appreciate the origins of a galactically dispersed humanity in the Universe, inclusive of Earthbound humanity having an ethical custodial relationship to Earth.

Capitalism is cultivated in our planet Earth by demonic consciousness through Earthbound elites. These demonic consciousnesses apparently seek to enforce a human perception of a narrow plane of a vital existence, around the pursuit of crass materialism and accompanying "riches", and worship of a "false God". This context provides mutually reinforcing useful seduction mechanisms and cleavages for humanity to cultivate spiritually debilitating relationships of violent competition, and domination of one another.

Religion is the mechanism which Manipulative Extraterrestrials use to manipulate the perceived "primitive beings" of planets. Capitalism can be viewed not simply to be an Earthbound system, but a system of political economic predation orchestrated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials against the perceived "primitive beings" on various planets in the Universe.

Capitalism operates on Earth not as a natural evolution of trading relationship which demonic consciousnesses have sought to apparently deceive humanity into believing; but, rather, as a social psychological prism which is alien to the human spirit. In other words, Gnostics suggests that if humanity was left to develop free of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, trading relationship on planet Earth would have developed in a mutualistic people-driven context, inherently sensitized to human rights, social justice, and ecological protection, in an environment of peace. Conflicts would occur, because conflict can be expected to arise out of a context of cultural diversity, in which people have different views, backgrounds, and experiences. However, the nature of conflict in a world freed of demonic consciousnesses would lead to a creative context of Human Development, based upon a mutual context of respect for each other, and would not lead to war, which is spawned from a capitalistic culture of violence. Gnostic sought to warn fellow members of humanity of demonic consciousnesses which scholars have cited that demonic elites edited out of the Bible.

riests showed solidarity with Adolf Hilter

Priests showed solidarity with Adolf Hilter's Nazi agenda.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials seduce elites into selling out members of their species through a capitalistic ethos. This ethos promises everlasting power through their providing of highly technologically advanced technologies, which can be used in campaigns of military expansion, and to pursue commercial agenda in a terrestrial marketplace of "buyers and sellers". The elites become addicted to their newfound "sense of power", and are now open to the physic manipulation techniques of the "demons".

Manipulative Extraterrestrials have the technology to destroy the technologically less advanced species of planets, which apparently include the power to knock whole planets like Earth out of orbit. However, Manipulative Extraterrestrials as predatory species when possible, would rather find a more useful exploitation of planetary resources, by creating conditions for the self-maintaining control of sentient species through religion and capitalism.

Gnostics suggest that the purposeful sought knowledge and understanding of the cosmic God, provides a context for humanity liberating itself from the constructed forces of religion and capitalism, which is leading to the Gnostic warned demonic directed prospective imminent destruction of humanity. By cultivating higher levels of consciousness, associated with an Ethical Extraterrestrial 'Aeons', humanity can begin to alter its current course from being an apparent path of accelerated and spiralling into self-destruction.

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