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NDPers once championed Canada's national independence before transnational union interests took-over

by Susan Jones

  New Democratic Party

New Democratic Party.

Back in the day, the New Democratic Party (NDP) was led by grassroots activists, intellectuals, and idealists, who shared a forward-thinking vision of Canada. This was the NDP under the spiritual guidance of leaders like Tommy Douglas, James Laxer and David Lewis, in the 1960's and early 1970's. In that era, one professor who was a member of the NDP, presented a specific plan to affirm Canada's vital national independence against the prospective take over of Canada by U.S. Big Business interests. That professor was C. W. Conick. Mr. Conick's plan was presented at the Toronto Star's Forum debating "Canada's Future: Nationalism or Americanization?", which was held on 16 March 1970. Unfortunately, today's NDP is dominated by Union cliques linked with U.S. corporate interests, which use that political party to pursue a self-serving agenda. Today's NDP is a very pale shadow of its former organizational identity.

Professor Conick's plan critically resonates now, as Canada faces an even worse threat under the context of the so-called North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which has now spawned the fascistic North American Union (NAU) agenda. However, today's NDP is too busy trying to apparently seek to make "backroom" deals with ultra-right wing interests within the Conservative Party of Canada, which have included selling out on Global Warming, rather than to champion Canada's sovereignty.

The NDP was once a truly progressive political party movement. Now most NDP MPs, are apparently primarily concerned about maintaining their own personal access to privilege and power, which include the "fringe benefits". That's why the NDP leadership has sought to apparently cover-up NAU as threat to every principle which the NDP has traditionally sought to affirm.

NDPers like Professor Gonick championed Canada's national independence, because they appreciated that the socially progressive goals of the NDP could only be achieved by a self-governance context in Canada, that is completely independent from control and coercion by U.S. interests.

"The Americans have nationalized our economy," said Cy W. Gonick, to the Forum who was at that time a member of the Manitoba legislature.

"The only way to get it back under our control is to use the Crown as a tool of creative and democratic nationalism."

Socialism, said Gonick in his opening remarks to The Star Forum, " is the only option left to us." To loud cheers, he continued.

"The only realistic substitution to the entrepreneurship of the giant U.S. corporations, are giant Crown [Canadian public driven and controlled] corporations that will mobilize capital, technology, and entrepreneurship."

The kinds of large rallies that Tommy Douglas had led for socially progressive and independent Canada, against U.S. Big Business interests are now in the distant past of NDP history. NDP leaders like Jack Layton would much rather utter empty rhetoric on issues in front of the TV cameras, in a public relations ploy to fool NDP members that he actually gives a damn.

In the apparent prism of today's NDP, if maintaining hold of a few seats in Parliament, means prostituting one's self to elitist cliques within Big Unions, (which could care less really about the rights of workers) which in turn are linked to U.S. Big Business pimp-like interests, then, so be it!

In contrast with the parochial and vision-less mentalities of today's NDP, which has earned them near rock bottom in current popular support, Professor Gonick laid out a visionary Five-Pont Plan.

Gonick, with a professional background as a economics professor at the University of Manitoba urged the following direction (5 Point Plan):

- Stop all further foreign take-overs of Canadian business, and give the Crown the first option to buy;

- Announce that Canada will not sign an Agreement with the U.S. for the sharing of natural resources on a continental basis;

- Establish a list of essential industries from which American companies are excluded from taking-over;

- Undertake major new economic development through Crown corporations;

- Nationalize key giant corporations "without which there can be no effective government planning."

"We have the capital in this country," Gonick had declared. "It is now held by the Americans and used by them to expand ownership of our resources."

"If we are serious about economic independence, we will have to take hold of that capital."

Economic independence is vital to the affirmation of the democratic control of a population. Economic independence enables citizens having the ability to have control their own economic destiny free of coercive exploitation by unaccountable foreign interests, that seek to commercially exploit, irrespective of social and environmental costs.

Kenneth Smith, who is from Secor Consulting, indicated during an interview on CBC Business News show on 17 April 2007, that Canada's corporate business heritage is indeed being sold-out at an alarming pace, as a result of two critical issues. One critical reason is the dismantling of a foreign investment review mechanism, as a means of ensuring that the take-over of Canadian business enterprises are in Canada's national interest. The second reason is the undermining of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit. Canadians businesses have continued the practice of selling out to foreign interest for short-term commercial gain, at the expense of a long term vision, that operates along with Canada's national interests.

Mel Hurtig has further indicated that "Takeovers usually reduce employment rather than create new jobs. Moreover, it has been well documented that, as a ratio to sales, foreign companies import (mostly from their parent companies) on average three times as many parts, components and services as Canadian companies. Jobs are created outside the country, not here in Canada."

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