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Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Québécois elites support U.S. take-over of Québec

by Peter Tremblay


Many Canadians take for granted that Gilles Duceppe is a separatist who seeks to break-up Canada and form a "new nation" of Québec. However, this does not appear to be the case. If Gilles Duceppe was an actual sincere Québec sovereigntist who sought to establish and independent nation in North America, he would be drawing a lot of public attention among Quebecers, against the North American Union (NAU) agenda. But Mr. Duceppe has not sought to alert Quebecers to the NAU. Indeed, it appears that Mr. Duceppe and other elites of the so-called "Québec sovereigntist" movement view selling-out to U.S. based neo-cons to be much more commercial profitable that forming a new Québec nation. Published reports also suggest that Mr. Duceppe and his confederates support the adoption of a new U.S. currency in Québec dubbed the "Amero".

Get more information about the NAU. Read the book Traitors among Us: The Betrayers of Canada by Raymond Samuels II.

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