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National Newspaper recruits Freelance Advertising Coordinators to earn big

Edited by John Stokes


The Canadian National Newspaper is currently recruiting Freelancers to help recruit advertising for its 'online' edition. Are you self-motivated? Are you interested in flexible hours?

Do you have a formal or informal background recruiting advertising? E-mail a cover letter and your résumé to to apply to become a Freelance Advertising Recruiter.

GroupM, which accounts for about 30% of global media buying in the United Kingdom, says in a report scheduled to be published June 2007 that the internet will account for 13.3% of the £12.2bn UK advertising market this year, overtaking national newspapers with a share of 13.2%. The figure for web advertising could be even bigger, because the report excludes the estimated £1bn a year spent on "affiliate advertising", which largely comprises adverts placed on smaller websites.

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