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Einstein's theory raises possibility of Humans from other universes de-stabilizing Earth into violence

by Paul Chen

  A graphic illustration of Albert Einstein's theory

A graphic illustration of Albert Einstein's theory on the existence of parallel universes.

Albert Einstein's and reinforcing scientific and other corresponding theories on the existence of alternate dimensions and parallel universes, as well as eyewitness testimony, begs the question whether human beings not from our Earth, are seeking to influence its course of development. Some of these humans who appreciate the transcendental association of parallel universes may be seeking to spiritually enlighten human beings on our Earth to reach a more evolved higher consciousness. Other humans who have been able to use access to sophisticated technologies to travel to our Earth space-time continuum may be pursuing a conquest agenda against our Earth. Our Earth may be a space-time frontier between human beings from enlightened aeonic higher consciousnesses, and lower level demonic consciousnesses seeking to resist and advance each groups' objective across realities.

Einstein's theory acknowledges the possibilities of other "Earths" in parallel universes. Einstein's theory further acknowledges that humans from other realities might appear to be as human as human beings on our Earth, but with varying levels of consciousnesses. Humans in parallel universes with highly developed states of spiritual consciousnesses may be living in a virtual utopia. In contrast, there may be lifeless Earths in parallel dimensions as a result of self-annihilation, and also humans in other parallel universes driven by pure ego and savagery, that preside over totalitarian dystopias, where human free-will has been replaced by total control. Such alternative Earths with humans that have highly developed technologies to enforce totalitarian rule, would likely suffer from the over-exploitation of resources, and harbour the need to conquer other realms in an expansionist agenda.

Consider, for example, the possibility of humans not acting based upon their own free will which is inspired by a sprit of lovingkindness to each other, and by wisdom, and the peace, which is the quintessential spirit of newborns of our Earth. Consider also the possibility, of humans in parallel universes that are obsessed with power, and where savagery and oppression are the norm, but that have acquired the technology to breed humans as mindless zombies, who can be directed by some kind of extra-sensory "remote control" by these savage human controllers. Further, consider the possibility that such humans, with possible manipulative Extraterrestrial allies are using technology to gain control of dumbed-down populations, (including our Earth), to advance a conquest agenda.

Artistic representation from Eyewitness testimony of Asket, the extraterrestrial human woman  

Artistic representation from Eyewitness testimony of Asket, the human woman from a represented parallel universe, reference:


Extra-dimensional humans who would have been able to travel into our space-time continuum, may possibly be as significantly more intellectually capable than the typical human being of our Earth, as we compare to the intelligence of a dog. It would be in the interest of such hostile extra-dimensional human beings and possible extra-terrestrial allies collectively guided by a demonic consciousness, (and that seeks to enslave humanity on our Earth), to create organized religion, and seize control of educational and mass-media systems on our Earth.

It is therefore furthermore plausible, that the chief deniers of the existence of Extraterrestrials, are, in fact, operatives of an Extraterrestrial alliance, which does not seek to operate in support of the vital interests of our Earth.

If the humans in such parallel universes driven by a lower dimensional demonic consciousness, created or acquired highly advanced technology to enable their singular quest of power, such humans might seek to mischievously conquer parallel universes, which include our own Earth and universe. It is therefore plausible, if we acknowledge Einstein's and reinforcing theories on parallel universes, and critically open our mind to the possibilities, that apparent humans who are highly intelligent and disciplined in their objectives, but from a lower dimensional consciousness, might be using their human appearance to seize control of our Earth.

These "extra-dimensional" humans may be executing coordinated operations with the various apparent Extraterrestrial spacecraft, which human beings of our Earth, have seen, or had direct personal contact with. Some of these extra-dimensional humans could also be from parallel universes with higher levels of consciousnesses than our Earth, and may seek to countervail the demonic alliance.

This might seem to be a farfetched theory, until we also further acknowledge many official whistleblower as well as eyewitness accounts from such people as learned Chinese scientist Sun Shili, LINK, who indicated that they have seen and know of, for example, unusually tall humans, and human looking beings, not of this Earth. These humans have access to highly advanced technologies including spacecraft, not of this Earth.

Some of these human-looking beings have apparently claimed to be our ancestors from other planets. However, ancient Gnostics warned that Extraterrestrials and other beings try to manipulate human beings in our space-time continuum, by trying to trick us into worshipping them, further reinforced by dogma and mythologies instilled within organized religions. These human-looking beings inspired by an awareness of Einstein's theory, could simply be either direct from Earth, or descendants of human beings from Earth in alternative space-time continuums, that have sought to manipulate elites on our Earth, to worship them. Some whistleblowers also claim that these demonic human-looking beings from apparent alternative universes have indeed, sought to offer access to sophisticated technologies to various elites on our Earth, toward the enslavement of humanity. Adolf Hilter and his group of Nazis, have been represented as being guided by Human not from our Earth, guided by totalitarianism and racism, LINK.

Gnostic wisdom suggests that human beings were not "created" by God as presented in the Old Testament. Gnostics represent the creation myth, as an attempt by Human-looking beings and Extraterrestrials to create organized religion so as to solicit worship among humanity on our Earth.

Gnostics could be viewed to have embraced a spiritually inspired scientific guided appreciational context. Within this context, Darwinian theories of 'evolution' become simply the physical manifestation of an evolving, or even potentially de-evolving spiritual consciousness. Human beings, could be viewed to have evolved on Earth as the unique expression of the states of consciousness and being on Earth, expressed through a cosmic God that embraces "Free Will", alongside a spirit of creativity, and unity in diversity.

Have you ever seen a newborn baby or relatively young infant, and wondered how such an apparently bright eyed child, could ever grow up into the human beings who are responsible for the state of our world today?

What causes certain groups of human beings to so easily inflict various crimes against humanity from historical genocide, and the creations of cultures of violence and oppression which include the so-called "War on Terrorism"? It was Albert Einstein who scientifically documented the existence of multiple dimensions and parallel universes. Einstein's theory recognized that human beings could exist in parallel universes. If we acknowledge that as a possibility, the human beings who inflict oppression against other human beings, may do so, because they are not from our Earth, and have their loyalties, with a different space-time continuum.

The orthodox explanation of "greed" in itself, can't explain why our Earth would be operating under an apparent artificially perpetuated context of enforced violence and militarism, with particular reference to the so-called "War on Terrorism" as well as to environmental destruction. Human agents on our Earth as rationally inspired quality-of-survival seekers would not do anything to fundamentally threaten the integrity of their planetary habitat.

If we open our minds to the possibilities, as inspired by Albert Einstein's and reinforcing theories that appreciation suggests that human beings, not of our Earth, are seeking to wilfully destroy our Earth, for their own agenda.

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