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Jimmy Carter's UFO experience suggests SPP has possible Extraterrestrial association

by Paul Chen

  Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States.

President Jimmy Carter has often been referred-to as the "UFO President" due to the fact that he publicly claimed to have had a UFO sighting prior to becoming president. Moreover, he was the only president on record to actually file a UFO sighting report related to his sighting.

Thirdly, on at least one occasion while campaigning for president, Mr. Carter declared that, if elected, he would "make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists." Mr. Carter apparently sought to reveal such information to the American public, having been inspired by certain American ideals of democracy.

However after Mr. Carter became U.S. President, he was reportedly denied access to critical information on UFO and Extraterrestrials by George Bush Sr. and other associates, for not having a "sufficiently high security clearance".

What is troubling is, that it is alleged leadership of the apparent very clique that denied Mr. Carter access to the UFO and Extraterrestrial related information (that he sought to reveal to Americans and other peoples internationally), which currently drives the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agenda.

Secrecy on UFO and Extraterrestrials serves those elites that seek to use denial of access to such information, to advance their ego driven agendas.

The "National Security" context of UFO secrecy, is not designed to protect the integrity of a free and democratic society. Rather, such secrecy is designed by elites, to advance their own separate agenda that is aimed at materialistic self-advancement, at the expense of the destruction of a free and democratic society.


Video on Jimmy Carter's representation on UFOs.

When Jimmy Carter was actively seeking to release UFO information to the American people, he appreciated that secrecy of UFO phenomena and Extraterrestrials, was not serving the vital interests of democracy. Mr. Carter recognized that people in a democracy, as human beings with rights in a democracy, have a right to be apprised of such vital information.

The frustration that Mr. Carter experienced, suggests that a clique is seeking to monopolize information about UFOs and Extraterrestrials, for purposes which are not in the interest of Americans or humanity as a whole.

The mentality of this clique is revealed in the creation of the SPP as a corresponding , and potentially related secretive agenda, by the architects of UFO and Extraterrestrial cover-up.

The SPP, seeks to replace a democratic model of government in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with a totalitarian model of government inspired by "corporatism". Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Nazi Germany were both constructed around "corporatism". Adolf Hitler was also "inspired" to create Nazi Germany, as a result of having had contact with an allegedly racist and oppressive group of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, which had inspired his "Aryan" expansionist agenda.

Extraterrestrial researchers in the field of "Exopolitics" like Dr. Michael Salla, have suggested that human minions are being influenced by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that seek to control Earth for its resources.

It is therefore plausible, that Earth is now being subjugated by such an Extraterrestrial group that is seeking to operate with maximized secrecy away from the probing enquires of humans like Mr. Carter, and with humans that are under the tutelage and "spell" of such Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

The secretive fora in which the SPP is being executed, would provide a positive environment for further alleged collaborations between an Earthbound elites (that prevail over a political-military-industrial complex) and the constituency of Manipulative Extraterrestrials (ETs) identified by Dr. Michael Salla.

Members of the public, can logically deduce that whatever information of a potential highly advanced technological and ET collaborative nature (that was denied to Mr. Carter), could now be actively used by a mobilizing clique in their SPP agenda.

The SPP, is the very kind of organization that one could expect to be launched by an alleged greed-driven "Security Partnership" for the "prosperity" of Human elite minions and Manipulative Extraterrestrials that has been well documented by Dr. Salla and others, toward realizing Adolf Hitler's ambition for a New World Order.

Jimmy Carterís UFO sighting began shortly after dark on a windless night, in the late 1960's. Mr. Carter was standing outside the Lionís Club in Leary, Georgia, waiting for a meeting to start. Suddenly, he and ten or more witnesses, sighted a red and green orb radiating in the western sky. Mr. Carter described an object that "it seemed to move towards us from a distance, stop, move partially away, return, then depart. Bluish at first; then reddish - luminous - not solid."

"At times," reported Carter, "it was as bright as the moon, and about as big as the moon - maybe a bit smaller. The object was luminous; not solid."

In an interview with the Atlanta Constitution, Carter described the moving nature of the event. He described the sighting, as a "very remarkable sight." This is an important event, because many of the sceptical investigations done on the Carter sighting, have tried to paint the event as a ho-hum occurrence. None of the descriptions Carter has made of the event, had ever described it as ho-hum.

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Jimmy Carterís mother Lillian also confirmed that Carter had been very impressed by what he had seen. "The UFO made a huge impression on Jimmy," she stated. "He told me about the sighting many times. Heís always been a down-to-earth no-nonsense boy, and the sighting by him, as far as I am concerned, is as firm as money in the bank."

Carter had, in fact, described the UFO sighting many times in the years since it occurred. In every instance, including the latest known telling of the story at Emory University in 1997.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter estimated that the object was three hundred to one thousand yards away. He estimated that the event had lasted 10 minutes. Then the object disappeared. Carter was so impressed by what he had seen, he recorded his impressions of the event on a tape recorder at the time.

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