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Red Alert: Apparent Missing Nuclear Weapon could be used for cover story to launch globally catastrophic war against Russian-ally Iran

Edited by George Adams

Could a nuclear weapon be “missing“ to execute a cynical agenda of pre-emptive nuclear war against Russian-ally Iran?

“Six nuclear weapons disappeared from Minot AFB in North Dakota. Five nuclear weapons were discovered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Which leads to my chilling conclusion: Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon. What next? The answer has been provided several times, most recently by CIA Director and General Michael Hayden,” documents Chuck Simpson in an commentary.

“On September 7, dressed in full military uniform, Hayden told assembled members of the Council of Foreign Relations: "Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U. S. homeland." "We assess with high confidence that al-Qaida is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction and significant aftershocks." An eye for an eye. Use of nukes will justify use of nukes. A perfect excuse to wage nuclear war against Iran.”

“I suspect Hayden is absolutely correct, except for his mistaken identification of the "central leadership" that is planning detonation of a nuclear weapon on American soil,” further indicates Mr. Simpson. Elites driven by what critically acclaimed 9/11author David Ray Griffin referred to as an apparent Demonic Consciousness against America's founding ideals, may be seeking to drive America and the rest of the world into a step-by-step contrived pretext for nuclear war. In such a pre-emptive escalated nuclear war, it appears that Big Business owned mass-media are trying to prepare the American public, and other peoples internationally, for the use of "those bad and primitive Muslims in Iran" as the scapegoat.

The technique of using a scapegoat like the Jews in World War II, was used an effective mechanism to whip the German public into general support for Adolf Hitler's war, and oppressive Global conquest agenda. It is vital to critically appreciate the mistake and lesson of the past, in order to avoid history repeating itself in an extremely destructive way.

“Indeed, Barksdale Missile Number Six deserves far more public attention than it's received to date. Missile Number Six is potentially a various serious issue,” indicates Mr. Simpson.

Apparent elite-driven efforts to confuse the public have been successful. Attention has shifted from the crucial issue. This news has already become non-news. Having momentarily become news, elites have sought to follow the incident with announcements of more stringent restrictions, improved safeguards and additional training. Accordingly, the public relations that elites have circulated is that the public always has been and always will be safe, except for the possibility of those Muslim terrorists.

One of the major issues still continues to evade "mainstream: journalistic scrutiny: “Someone in an irregular chain of Air Force command authorized loading and transport of nuclear weapons. And that would never have been done without a reason. Given the magnitude of regulatory violations involved, the reason must be extremely important,“ further indicates Chuck Simpson

“At Barksdale, the missiles were considered to be unarmed items headed for modernization or the scrap heap, and of no particular importance. The missiles were left unguarded for almost ten hours. According to one report, almost ten hours were required for airmen at Minot AFB to convince superiors that the nuclear weapons had disappeared” documents Mr. Simpson.

According to information provided to U.S. Congress, this time lapsed before airmen at Barksdale "noticed" the weapons were present. News reports will continue to overlook this fact also. Even here the focus is on time. The number of missiles and warheads issue was overlooked.

“Early news reports spoke of five nuclear warheads loaded onto the bomber. Apparently, this information was provided from Barksdale. That number was later updated to six weapons missing from Minot, apparently based on anonymous tips provided to Military Times by people at Minot. This information has also been forgotten,” further elaborates Mr. Simpson, who is a retired licensed civil/structural engineer, reformed attorney, fierce Libertarian, policy junkie, vociferous reader, lifelong learner and aspiring writer. He is also a law-abiding but avid proponent of progressing America back to its earlier ideals of freedom, fairness, justice and opportunity for all.

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U.S. President Bush dramatically stepped up his war of words with the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom the U.S. government falsely accuses of overseeing a covert programme to develop nuclear weapons. This is the same kind of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” related mischievous propaganda which the U.S. Bush administration used to launch an illegal pre-emptive war against Iraq.

In a speech to war veterans, Mr Bush had said: "Iran's active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust." It is the U.S. Bush administration which appears to present the worst threat of global nuclear holocaust, as a result of its intentionally provocative agenda, that is being used to justify further jingoism and fascism.

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