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Harper government planning illegal bulk water exports to the U.S. suggests the Council of Canadians

Edited by Peter Tremblay

In April 2007, the Council of Canadians obtained a leaked document produced by a Washington think tank, revealing that business and government leaders in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are actively discussing bulk water exports. They met in Calgary on April 27, 2007 to discuss the issue in a closed-door meeting as part of a larger Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agenda of North American Union (NAU), further reports the Council of Canadians.

Titled the “North American Future 2025 Project,” the initiative calls for a series of anti-democratic “closed-door meetings” on North American integration dealing with a number of highly contentious issues including bulk water exports, a joint security perimeter and a continental resource pact.

The Harper government has no constitutional mandate to sell water in bulk to the United States, which would constitute a fundamental breach of Canadian sovereignty, and further destroy the integrity of Canada’s already undermined fragile ecosystems.

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