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Gnostics and Indigenous peoples share vital insights into UFOs and Extraterrestrial knowledge

by Peter Tremblay

  Indigenous peoples share vital insights into UFOs

Indigenous peoples share vital insights into UFOs.

Arguably, the current path of human self-destruction on Earth has been caused from a context of enforced ignorance about the human identity. Who are we as human beings in this universe; where did we come from; and where should we go, toward a path of mutually fulfilling Human Development?

If humans were actually aware of their true identity in the universe, then, they would not be led into a path of their own self-destruction. On-going cover-ups of the UFO phenomenon and of Extraterrestrials, are apparent attempts among greed-driven elites to enforce existential ignorance. This ignorance, in turn, enables the ability of elites to continue to perpetrate the objective of social control, exploitation, and oppression inclusive of violence, war and genocide.

Gnostics and indigenous people, were able to detect attempts by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to exploit, oppress, and control humanity, because they had made themselves aware of the presence of the operations of Extraterrestrial demonic consciousnesses. Gnostics, were persecuted by the greed-driven organized Christian Establishment, because of their cosmic spirituality. Similarly, indigenous peoples continue to be persecuted by those Earthbound human elites, who allegedly operate as some scholars impute, as scapegoats on behalf of these reported demonic consciousness.

If human beings expect to be able to correct and recover from this path of self-destruction, they must collectively begin to make themselves aware of the human identity in relationship to the broader universe. Humans having allowed themselves to be controlled by greed and by "blind faith" and allegiance to organized religious, to political, and to other elites, have also allowed themselves to be controlled by Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

Humans who remain ignorant of the human identity in relationship to the UFO phenomenon and to Extraterrestrials, will not have attained a higher consciousness that would enable them to "take back our planet Earth". Humans need to critically awaken their consciousnesses to the demonic forces which aim at enslavement, and instead toward a rejuvenated path of empowerment.

Indigenous peoples and the Gnostics, provide critical insights into human and Extraterrestrial contact on Earth, which modern society that is driven by greed continues to deny, alongside of on-going experiences which people have continued to report. Based upon insights from the Gnostics and indigenous cultures, this denial process has allowed Manipulative Extraterrestrials influences to parasitize Western modern society. The result is, a prevailing culture of violence, wars including genocide; worsening Global Warming, and other corresponding paths of human self-destructiveness on Earth.

Based upon Gnostic and Indigenous cultural wisdoms, Manipulative Extraterrestrials constitute a "parasitic demonic skin" on human culture, which manifests itself in social, cultural, political, and economic self-destructiveness. Humans must become aware of this "skin", which manifests into what John Lash in Metahistory refers to as "error". Humans, having made themselves aware of that "skin", can then seek to remove it, in a process that would enable humans to re-assert their spiritual vitality, associated with a path of peace, wisdom, and empathy.

There are two fundamental insights that Gnostics and indigenous peoples provide in particular, that humans in modern society must make themselves aware of, in order correct themselves from a path of their own self-destruction. Understanding these insights require one to have an open mind to illuminating ancient insights brought together from Gnostics and indigenous peoples, which point out that the universe is both physical and spiritual.

With this in mind, the first insight is that Earth is a microcosm of a cosmic God. Humans can in fact observe and experience God, by choosing a living path of peace, wisdom and empathy with each other, and for the Earth, by having reverence for Nature.

John Lash, documents that the Gnostics had revealed that the idea: "God dwells in the Heavens", is a mass-deception strategy which has been perpetrated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, through organized religion. "Jesus the Saviour" or "Jesus of the Messiah" is also apparently represented by the Gnostics to be a corresponding mass-deception strategy.

Specifically, Gnostics identified "Salvationism" la Jesus, as an attempt to disempower and divert away humans from having social responsibility for each other and instead into an alleged "Son of God" or a Messiah. In so doing, the apparent idea was for humans to be lulled into a stupor to pray to an "impostor God" to be saved. While this ocrrured Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their allies could then pillage, plunder and loot the planet, as humans prayed to an "impostor God", created in the image of Manipulative Extraterrestrials..

The God presented in organized religion, is in fact an apparent "impostor God" of "blind faith", that has been responsible for so many atrocities that have been committed on Earth in the name of various organized religions.

The second vital insight which Gnostics and indigenous peoples present is that Earth is surrounded by planets in our solar system with intelligent inorganic life forms which visit Earth in manifested UFOs from time to time. Gnostics specifically suggest that these life forms parasitize humans by feeding on negative energies that these life forms apparently instigate on Earth. These fostered "negative energies" apparently provide as a 'food source' for these Manipulative inorganic entities. Supposedly, some of these inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials are able to take human form, in order to facilitate their objective to use organized religion and other controlling institutional mechanisms to exploit and then destroy humanity.

Furthermore, because these intelligent life forms are inorganic, and don't rely on environmental features like access to clean water, air, and the stability of ecosystems for quality of survival, these life forms can lead humanity with impunity into a path of self-destruction. Credo Mutwa, a renowned Zulu elder, had elaborated on African tribal experiences with Manipulative Extraterrestrials, and how African tribal communities detected some Manipulative Extraterrestrials which could shape shift into human form in order to attempt to infiltrate and conquer communities. LINK .

The apparent nature of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials is to deceive humanity with impunity, into surrendering the free will that humans have, over their own destiny. Human ignorance about Extraterrestrials only serves those groups which seek to use that ignorance to perpetuate the ability of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their reported Earthbound human elite allies to perpetrate a self-serving agenda. This agenda could include denying the importance of vital planetary issues like Global Warming, while maintaining at the same time global war and genocide that is used as negative energy food sources.

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